TSAUTOP All Sizes Hydro Dipping Tank

TSAUTOP is a leading hydro dip solution in China, provides kinds of hydro dip film and hydro dipping machines. And we always provide hydro dipping training about our machines offline and online. 

TSAUTOP hydro dipping machine includes a hydro dipping tank, automatic hydro dipping production line, and fully automatic hydro dip machine. The hydro dip tank is divided into manual hydro dip tank, semi-automatic hydro dipping tank, and fully automatic hydro dip tank, has 1.2m, 2.4m, 3m size standard hydro dipping tank and custom hydro dip tank now, you can choose the suitable one according to your budget and your product size, if your hydro dipping business is going well, you can consider about our hydro dipping production line to expand your hydro dipping business.

Anyway, TSAUTOP can provide you one-stop solution about hydro dipping, you can know more from our hydro dipping business guide. If you want to know how to operate the machines, please go to my youtube channel.


hydro dipping machine is a type of machine used for decorating products. The tank of the hydro dipping machine is filled with water and a film with a unique design is placed on the water. An activator spray is sprayed on the water to dissolve the unique design on the film. The item to be decorated is dipped into the hydro dipping tank so that the design on the film is transferred on it. This creates an eye-catching finish on the item.

The Advantages of Hydro Dipping Equipment

Consider purchasing a hydro dipping machine if you wish to customize multiple things. This versatile machine is great for applying bespoke pictures to plastic, rubber, and wood, among other materials. Hydrographic dipping is utilized by both professionals and amateurs to customize a number of objects. Continue reading for some of the benefits of this type of machine. They are inexpensive and simple to operate. The models listed below are among the most popular. These are only some of the several varieties of hydrographic dipping equipment that are available.

For decorative applications, water transfer printing films are utilized. This film type is flexible and simple to clean. Every year, thousands of medical items are hydro-Dipped for OEM programs. This water-transfer printing method permits an extensive range of color tones and patterns. Hydro-Dip decorative films are simple to apply and remove, and they provide attractive, long-lasting surfaces. Various materials can be embellished with this type of film.

Hydro dipping devices can be used to apply a film to goods in addition to water. After the design has been picked, a film applicator transfers it to the item. The film dries to a transparent seal. A hydrographic finish can last up to fifteen years, depending on the material. This makes it a good option for items that are not commonly handled. This type of film is ideal for irregularly shaped objects.

There are different types of hydro dipping machines used in decorating items. They include:

  • Hydro dipping tank
  • Automatic hydro dipping production Line
  • Fully automatic hydro dipping machine

Hydro dipping Tank

A hydro dipping tank is a type of hydro dip machine used for decorating various items. Hydro dipping tanks come in different sizes and forms. There are mini and standard-size hydro dipping tanks. Mini hydro dipping tanks are used for dipping small items like DIY hydro dipping helmets, wheels, dashboards, guns, etc.

Standard size hydro dipping tanks are larger than mini tanks. Standard hydro dipping tanks are suitable for hydro dipping small business owners.

Automatic hydro dipping machine

Automatic hydro dipping machines are commercial hydro dipping machines used for decorating items in bulk. They have most of their hydro dipping functions done automatically. Some of the unique features of the automatic hydro dipping machine include a continuous film flow system, activated spraying system, and automated heating system.

Hydro dipping machines are made of 2.0+ 2mm thickness 201 or 304 stainless steel.

Various hydro dipping machines have different parts. But the major parts of the hydro dipping machine include:

Stainless steel tank,Water Pump,Spray gun,Heating elements,Filter ,Water jets,Hydro Dipping arm,Control panel, Drain pipe, Temperature Thermostat, Digital Timer

To find a reliable hydro dipping machine manufacturer, do a Google search for the keyword “Hydro dipping machine manufacturers”

A list of manufacturers will appear on Google’s search results. Open the websites of all the manufacturers from the search results and go through them. Look for the following on each of the manufacturer’s websites:

Experience, certifications, machines for manufacturing, samples of previous work done, Expertise of staff, after-sales services, payment systems, warranty, modes of transporting purchased machines.

Choose a manufacturer that has great experience in hydro dipping equipments manufacturing. The manufacturer should have at least 10+ years of experience in manufacturing hydro dipping equipment. The manufacturer should have recognized hydro dipping industry certifications. They should have highly skilled and professional engineers.

The manufacturer should have highly advanced machines and facilities. They need to have excellent after-sales services like training, installation, and at least one year warranty.

Also, find out if the hydro dipping manufacturer has flexible payment and delivery systems in place. TSAUTOP Hydrographics company is a professional hydro dipping manufacturer for 15years.

The following are the top benefits of buying Chinese hydro dipping equipment.

Credible Chinese hydro dipping manufacturers like TSAUTOP produce affordable and quality hydrographics equipment.

 Chinese manufacturers produce cheap hydrographics machine because China is a hub for stainless steel. Because of this Chinese manufacturers get stainless steel at an affordable price which helps reduce the production cost. Low production cost means low hydro dipping price.

Also, China is highly advanced in technology and uses some of the best technology in the world to produce quality hydrographic dipping tanks. This makes their hydro dipping tank last and performs exceptionally.

Chinese manufacturers offer incredible after-sales services to clients. Here at TSAUTOP, we help you train your operators to become experts so they can operate and maintain your machines with ease.

Importing hydro dipping equipment from China to your country is easy and straightforward.

You need to consider several factors before buying a hydro dipping machine. This will help you buy a suitable hydro dipping machine that meets your product decoration requirements.

Below are some of the major factors to consider when buying a hydro dip machine.

Hydro dipping needs:

You need to know your hydro dipping needs before choosing a hydro dipping machine. Get to know the type of product you want to hydro dip. If you want to hydro dip small products or items like helmets, guns, and phone cases on your own, a mini DIY hydro dipping tank may be suitable for you.

 If you want to be a small hydro dip business owner, a standard hydro dipping tank may be best for you.  However, if you want to mass-produce hydro dipping items, an automatic hydro dipping production line may be suitable for you.


Another factor to consider is budget. Determine your budget before buying a hydro dipping machine. Depending on your budget, you can decide which type of machine to buy. Mini hydro dipping tanks are cheaper than standard hydro dipping tanks. Generally large and fully automated hydro dipping machines may cost you more.


You need to consider the hydro dipping manufacturer when buying a hydro dipping machine. Consider manufacturers with great experience and credibility.

Look for a manufacturer that produces quality and affordable hydro dipping machines. The manufacturer should offer after-sales services like training, installation, warranty, and good technical support. Go in for a manufacturer that offers flexible delivery and payment systems.


You need to find out the type of materials used for the hydrographics machine. Choose hydro dipping equipment made of quality material like 2mm thickness 201 stainless steel.

Yes, hydro dipping machines are safe. Manufacturers add safety features to the hydro dipping equipment to make them safe.

Credible manufacturers like TSAUTOp follow local and international manufacturing standards to produce safe and quality hydro dipping tanks.

Yes, manufacturers offer after-sale services like after-sales training, installation, and 1 years warranty after you get the machine.

To buy a hydro dipping machine in China, follow the following steps:

Google the keyword “hydro dipping equipment for sale in China”

Go through the websites of manufacturers that appear on Google’s search results.

Shortlist credible manufacturers – Look for manufacturers with at least 10 years of experience. Also, shortlist Chinese manufacturers with professional engineers and high-standard facilities.

Send a message to the shortlisted manufacturers to request a quote for the hydro dipping machines. You can as well send the requirements of your hydro dipping machine to the manufacturers and request a quote.

Evaluate the quotes of the manufacturers. When you receive the quotes from the manufacturers, evaluate them and choose a suitable manufacturer.

 After deciding on your preferred hydro dipping machine manufacturer, you need to make a part payment. Most manufacturers would require you to deposit about 30% of the total amount. The manufacturer will send you their payment details so you make the payment.

When the manufacturer confirms your part payment, the manufacturer will start manufacturing your hydro dipping machine.

When they finish manufacturing, you need to pay the remaining amount for the hydro dipping machine. After making full payment, the manufacturer will ship your hydro dipping machine to you.

You need to regularly maintain your Hydro dipping equipment for it to perform well and last long. The following are some tips for maintaining your Hydro dipping equipment.


Clean your Hydro dipping equipment regularly. You can do this by washing the tank with water after using it. When you are done decorating your products, take out the film residue and pump out the water. Follow this by cleaning the tank with clean water.


Regularly inspect the Hydro dipping equipment parts. Check out any sound and operation abnormality on the machine and rectify it. when a part is worn out or damaged, replace it immediately.

Maintenance should be done by qualified and experienced technicians.

Several factors determine the price of hydro dipping machines but the major factors include:

  • Type of hydro dipping machine
  • Materials
  • Manufacturer

Type of hydro dipping machine

The first factor that determines the price of the hydro dipping machine is the type of machine. Large hydro dipping machines mostly cost more than small hydro dipping machines. Also, fully automated machines cost more than manual machines.

A mini-hydro dipping tank is cheaper than a standard tank. Fully automated hydro dipping production lines cost more than standard hydro dipping tanks.


The type of materials used for manufacturing the hydro dipping machine influences its price. Hydro dipping machines made of high-quality stainless steel and other quality components may cost more than those built with inferior materials.


The cost of the hydro dipping machine is hugely influenced by the manufacturer. Hydro dipping machines from big manufacturers with massive experience and credibility are mostly higher than those of small manufacturers.

Big manufacturers tend to use quality materials and advanced technology to produce high-quality hydro dipping machines. They also have professional engineers and experts to help them produce quality machines. This tends to increase the cost of their production and the overall price of their hydro dipping equipment.


Breakdowns can happen when using your hydro dipping machines. Do the following when your hydro dipping equipment breaks down:

  • Turn off the hydro dipping machine.
  • Troubleshoot to find out the problem
  • Let qualified technicians fix the problem following the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Call your manufacturer for help if the problem persists.


As a leading hydro dipping equipment manufacturer, TSAUTOP manufactures and supplies different types of hydro dipping machines according to your hydro dipping requirements and needs. Our hydro dipping equipment includes:

Hydro dipping tanks

TSAUTOP manufactures different sizes of hydro dipping tanks with unique features. We manufacture mini-hydro dipping tanks and standard hydro dipping tanks. We have manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic hydro dipping tanks. You can choose one according to your hydro dipping needs – your budget and product size.  

Our mini-hydro dipping tanks are made for individuals who want to hydro dip small items on their own. So if you want a quality DIY hydro dip tank to hydro dip small parts like a helmet, gun, phone case, etc, our DIY mini-hydro dipping tank would be best for you.

TSAUTOp’s standard hydro dipping tanks are uniquely designed for small hydro dipping business owners.

Automatic and fully automatic hydro dipping production lines

TSAUTOp’s automatic hydro dipping production lines are commercial hydro dipping machines built for businesses that want to expand their production volume. So, if you feel your small hydro dipping business is doing great and you would want to boost your production capacity, you can get our automated hydro dipping production line.

The automatic and fully automatic hydro dipping production lines have a continuous film flow system, an activated spraying system, and an automated heating system to fast-track your product decoration.

All our hydro dipping machines are made of quality stainless steel. They are environmentally friendly, certified, safe, and super easy to operate.

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