Do You Know Laser Hydro Dipping Film?

By transferring the Laser Hydro Dipping Film pattern to the surface of each item through water transfer printing technology, personalized effects can be achieved. The patterns of these films include colorful, three-dimensional, and interlaced lights and colors. Each film can show its uniqueness. Through light refraction, the laser pattern will produce dynamic changes, presenting different visual effects from different angles, giving your items more personality and charm.

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Tsautop Laser Hydro Dipping Film

● Provide you with a variety of high-quality hydrographic films;
● Clear graphics and rich layers;
● Weather-resistant and adhesion-free, with no edge curling, ensuring durability for your items;
● Enhance your product value and aesthetics;
● Safety, non-toxic, environmentally friendly standards;
● Lightweight, wear-resistant, aging-resistant, high and low temperature resistant, ensuring longevity and reliability for your needs.

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We produced using high-quality PVA film and ink and passed 8-color gravure printing technology, guaranteeing excellent results for you.

The patterns on our hydrographic film are clear, bright, and stable, with a high degree of reduction. They maintain their clarity and are resistant to deformation, ensuring a visually appealing outcome for your projects.

Our Hydrographic Film is highly adaptable, allowing you to apply it to items of various shapes, whether they are flat, curved, or irregular surfaces.

The width of hydrographic film is 1m and 0.5m, the length is 1-250m, and the thickness is 30-40μm. You can choose the appropriate size according to the items you need to transfer.

The process of using Hydrographic Film is relatively simple and you can do it at home..


Laser Hydro Dipping Film Application

Laser Hydro Dipping Film has a wide range of applications and can be used for surface decoration of automobile interiors, motorcycle accessories, furniture, electronic product casings and other items.

Automotive Industry

Laser hydrographic film is used for automotive decoration, such as car wheels, dashboards, steering wheels, door handles, etc.

Home Decoration

You can use hydrographic film for home surface decoration, such as tables, chairs, door cabinets, tissue boxes, switches, etc.

Electronics Industry

You can use hydrographic film to custom electronic products such as phone cases, laptop shells, and tablets with unique designs.

Toy Product

Can be used for decoration of children's toys and sporting goods, such as scooters, bicycles, game consoles, etc.


The Benefits of Laser Hydro Dipping Film


Hydrographic Film can be used in various industries: auto parts, home furnishings, toys, etc.; various surfaces: metal, wood, plastic, ceramics, etc.


Hydrographic Film is durable, scratch-resistant, fade-resistant, and chemical-resistant, and can be used for 10-15 years under normal circumstances, ensuring the longevity of your items.

Easy to operate

The process of using Hydrographic Film is relatively simple and you can do it at home..


Hydrographic Film can be customized with designs, patterns, and colors based on your requirements, offering endless possibilities for personalization and creativity.


In addition to decorative uses, Hydrographic Film can provide a protective coating to surfaces to prevent wear and tear.


Compared to other printing costs, Hydrographic Film is generally more cost-effective and can be produced in bulk when you use it with water transfer equipment.

Tsautop: Your Professional Hydrographic Partner

✥ After nearly ten years of rapid development, TSAUTOP has the strongest hydrographic film development and production capabilities in the industry.

✥ We have integrated industry resources and established a powerful product design library. We have 25,000+ design patterns and are constantly updating.

✥ TSAUTOP has accumulated a library of more than 1,000 hot-selling products, which can provide you with valuable ideas when planning to develop customized water-immersed membranes.

✥ The TSAUTOP team has professional consultants and can solve various hydrological impregnation problems for you.

Reliable Quality with Advanced Production Equipment

We can provide you with reliable quality hydrographic films. Our hydrographic films are produced using high-quality PVA films and inks, which ensures greater consistency in your projects. Through 8-color gravure printing technology, you can get clear images and rich layers.
Hydro Dipping Tanks (manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic types), Hydrographics Rinse Tank, Drying OvenPaint Spray Booth, all equipment comply with CE standards to ensure the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Broad Market and Attentive Service

Over the past 10 years, TSAUTOP exported more than 1 million sqm of hydro dipping films all over the world every year. It has served more than 2,000 customers in more than 150 countries and regions in the water transfer printing industry.
The professional company team is available to help you 24 hours a day to solve pre-sales, sales, and after-sales problems.

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