Spray Gun for Hydro Dipping Activator and Primer Paint

Spray Gun for Hydro Dipping Activator and Primer Paint

NAMEspray gun(F-75G)
Size158×168×244 (mm)
MODELW-71S, F-75S,RF801AG,F-100G,F-75G, F-200G,F-200s,W-77S,RF 1001AG-9A
Maximum Output Pressure0.3(MPa)
Maximum injection flow180(L/min)
The best spray distance200 (mm)
Spray width40-70 (mm)
USAGEPrimer painting, Hydro dip activator spraying, Gloss paint

F-75G spray gun for hydro dipping and primer painting.

spray gun from TSAUTOP TSAUTOP spray gun spray gun details

  1. You can adjust the spray liquid as soft fog according to your requirement.
  2. Various of the spray guns can be chosen.
  3. Matching spray gun kit in the package.spray guns for hydro dipping

The spray gun is used for activator spraying and paint spraying in hydro dipping, if you are a hydro dip starter, you need an spray gun for your hydro dipping. 

And if you need more help in hydro dipping, please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in our spray gun, please contact us for more details.

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