Custom Hydro Dipping Solution

With the continuous development of hydro dipping technology, people are not satisfied with the existing public design patterns. Personalized customization has become an urgent demand for hydrographic lovers. But a perfect and cheap printable custom Hydro Dipping Solution is not easy to find in the market.

Because of this, after years of exploration and research, TSAUTOP team has greatly improved the original printable hydro dipping technology. According to the needs of different customers, TSAUTOP team has launched water-based pigment ink printing solution, latex ink printing solution, and eco-solvent ink printing solution, which can cover most printers on the market.

You can get the blank printable hydrographic film from our company. we have 2 types of blank printable films for water-based pigment ink and latex ink inkjet printer and one type for an eco-solvent inkjet printer. You can choose it according to your own printer type.

Certainly, if you don’t have a printer, but you want to start a custom hydro dipping business, you can buy the eco hydro dipping printer and hydro dipping machine from my company.

If you don’t want to buy a printer and machine, you just like to print your own design and do hydro dipping by other people, you can send your design to us, and we can print the perfect patterns for you. The MOQ is 2 sqm, complete to print in 24 hours.

The price of our products is very competitive, which will make you save money on printing costs. And we also provide free shipping service worldwide! If there are any questions about this product, please contact us freely! We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

The blank water transfer printing film of the white pearlescent backing paper is suitable for printers with water-based pigment ink and latex ink. The blank hydrographics film has strong ink absorption, no cracking while the pattern is printed, and high color reduction. It is especially suitable for the design, development and proofing of electronic products, mobile phone cases and shoe materials.

blank hydrographics water transfer printing film

The blank PVA film printed with water-based pigment ink needs activator A during hydro printing so that the film will not spread quickly on the water surface and the pattern integrity is high.

The patterns printed with latex ink can be transferred without spraying activator A. Please contact us for relevant transfer methods.

The eco blank hydrographic film with transparent PET backing paper is simple to be printed and convenient for storage. It is suitable for Eco-solvent ink printers. It has high pattern color reduction and good transfer force.ECO BLANK HYDROGRAPHICS FILM It is especially suitable for toys, automobile interior and exterior decoration and accessories, motorcycle accessories, sports equipment, building materials, cups, electronic products, and other items with strong vertical sense, sample development, which greatly saves the print plate opening time and cost, It can be dipped after printing on the same day without using activator A.

We also developed a special activator for Eco printing transfer film, so that the transfer film does not burn, the film does not flow, and the pattern does not stretch. Please contact us for transfer methods.

In order to meet the needs of various customers, we have also launched thousands of international popular hydro dipping designs for customers to choose.  No MOQ, any quantity is acceptable.

For the small parts custom hydro dipping solution, TSAUTOP launched A3/A4size blank hydrographic film sheet,you can buy them and print them with your water-based pigment ink printer.

Blank hydrographic film

We can help customers print and give guidance on hydro dipping to ensure the success of custom water transfer printing.


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FAQ About Custom Hydro Dipping Solution :

1.How to print your own hydrographic film?

There are 3 kinds of solutions to print your own hydrographic film: 
(1). You have a solvent printer with a heater, you can buy eco blank hydrographic film for printing. Certainly, you have to make a specific eco blank hydrographic film, and then you can print a good pattern that you like;
(2). You haven’t a printer, but you have a big hydro dipping order for some custom items, you can ask us to open a new print plate for developing a new exclusive pattern. But the cost of making a new printing plate is a little high, and you have to print 250sqm new hydro dipping film.
(3). You don’t need too many films, only for a certain custom idea, you can make your own design and send the file to us. We can print it for you, no MOQ. 1meter can be acceptable.

2. What type of artwork do you need to use for printing?

High Resolution is the only requirement for a perfect printing result. I will print what you send, just keep in mind that a 2″ 72 dpi image from the web blown up to 39″ will be very pixellated. As I tell all my clients, please send me the artwork straight from the graphic artist, in the format they created it in.
AI, CDR, FS, INDD, PS, EPS, PDF, SVG, CPT formats are best, but not required. Or low compression raster formats such as TIF,  JPG. Most of all I would like the original artwork unconverted from the program it was created in!  Do not export it with anti-aliasing turned on, it will create faint lines in your print.​

​Ideally, but not required, the size of your seamless pattern should be 10″x10″ art board/page size, and double-check that the pattern matches up on all four sides.​

3. Can you print any of my own designs on the blank hydrographic film?

It’s my pleasure to print your any designs on the blank hydrographic film, you only need to tell us what is the size of the pattern repeat and if it’s one big picture or a repeating pattern. What is the size of the items that you want to dip?



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