As a one-stop solution hydro dipping supplier, TSAUTOP also provides hydro dip kits for you, so that you don’t need to purchase all hydrographic kits from different suppliers, save time and after service problem, you can get everything which used for hydro dipping from TSAUTOP, we will help you from hydro dipping starter to hydro dipping expert one by one. TSAUTOP has a complete solution from hydro dipping training to an online guide, we are committed to developing more and more small hydro dipping business owners worldwide.

TSAUTOP provides hydro dipping supplies for hydro dipping, all of them are useful for the hydro dipping business. If you buy these hydro dipping kits and ship them with the hydro dip machine or water transfer printing film together, you also can reduce your total budget because of the less shipping cost. TSAUTOP hydro dipping supplies include Plastic Speed Shapes, Hydro Dip Activators, Spray Guns, Air Compressors.

Air Compressor for spray gun

Air Compressor

Hydro Dipping Film Tube

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