Hydrographic Activator

Hydrographic Activator

Item NameHydrographic Activator
Typeactivator A for blank hydrographic film, activator B for printed hydro film
Usage amount1liter for spraying 35sqm film by automatic sprayer and 40-45sqm by hand
StoringSealed in a cool place in 20-25℃,Keep away from fire,metal or plastic bottle
Packing Model500ml,1000ml,10 litres,25litres,50litres
TransportExpress (very expensive),put into hydro dipping machine by sea(cheap or free)
Formula Obtain TermOrder 1000sqm film or 1 pcs hydro dipping machine, formula free

Tsautop 1000ml/500ml High Quality Spray Activator/Water Transfer Printing Film for Activator/Hydrographic Film Activator A, B
 Activator A is for blank  film; Activator B is for printed film


Water Transfer Printing Film, 

Hydrographic Printing Film , 

Water Soluble Printing Film ,  

Hydrographic Films , 

3D Cubic Printing Film,

 Liquid Transfer Printing Film


Decorate items that range from entire all-terrain vehicles and 

car dashboards to small items, 

like bike helmets or otherautomotive trim, Car Interiors,
X-box, Guns, Cups,

 Car Parts, Mouse,Motorcycle . 

Films can be applied to all types of substrates including
plastic,fiberglass, wood, ceramics, and metal.

For the most parts, if the item can be dipped in water, the hydro-graphic process can be used.

volume1000 ml, 500 ml
Film Patterns

Carbon Fiber, Skull, Camouflage ,

Wooden, Marble& Stone,  Animal Skin,Cartoon,

Royalty Pattern,Metal


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5.Various Water Transfer Printing Film Patterns

6. Royalty Popular Water Transfer Printing Film : 

We developed our own patterns, some patterns only
available  from our company.

7. Customization: 

We can also print your own design, please send us design picture in .AI format.

This will be your royalty pattern, we will never sell your royalty pattern  to any third parties.

1. What is the difference of activator A and activator B

Activator A is used for blank hydrographic film .

Activator B is used for hydro dipping process.

2. Why activator B?

Activator is a medium material to promote the hydro dipping process. 

Hydro dipping process:

Activator is used for hydrographic film, you need to spray activator B evenly in the hydro dipping process.

Put the hydro dip film in the water, and then wait for seconds, spray activator B on the water transfer printing film to dissolve the film on the water.

Dipping the item through the film on the water.

3. Why activator A?

If you want to make customized hydrographic film with your own pattern in small quantity, you can print the blank film on the hydro dip inkjet printer , then spray the activator A on the printed blank film, this blank film can be dipped like normal hydrographic film.

In a word, activator a + blank film = hydrographic film.


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