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Plastic Speed Shapes For Sampling

Speed Shape For Sample Display

NameMetal/Plastic Speed Shape
SizeVarious Size as the description
ModelCar Model,Panel,car hood, Disc,cucurbit
Colorblack, white, red, orange
MaterialABS, Metal
USAGEcolor sample display, hydro dipping film show, car paint, and car wrap vinyl sample and effects display

Speed Shapes

Speed shape is a special object for the effects display of hydro dipping film, car paint, car wraps, furniture paint.

TSAUTOP launches various shape speed shapes for many types of products that they need to display their effects and for customer’s selection.

Car hood model:


Material: Metal

Application: car wraps, car paint, hydro dipping

Metal speed shape

Long Hump panel:



Application: Hydrographics film effects display
ABS Speed shape panel

Cucurbit model

Material: ABS


Application: Hydro dipping effects display
ABS Speed shape panelpearl paint speed shape

Car model 1

Color: black, white

size: 10*20cm

Application: Chrome paint, pearl paint, car wraps, hydro dipping effects display

Car model speed shapecar model speed shape for chromecar speed shape

Disc model:

size: round 14cm*3.5cm

Application: car wraps,

Chrome paint, pearl paint, car wraps, hydro dipping effects display

Round Disc Model speed shape

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