TSAUTOP Hydrographic Rinse Machine

TSAUTOP is a leading hydro dip solution in China, provides kinds of hydro dip film and hydro dipping equipment. And we always provide hydro dipping training about our machines offline and online. 

TSAUTOP hydro dipping rinse machine is divided into hydro dipping rinsing station and hydro dipping washing line, hydro dipping rinsing tank is suitable for small size hydro dipped products, you can put the dipped items into the hydro dip rinse tank, and close the door, washing the surface of dipped items automatically, suitable for small size products. The hydro dipping washing line has a conveyor belt to move the dipped products or anything that you want to wash, then the nozzle will spray water fog to wash these products, make them clean. Anyway, you can choose a suitable rinsing machine according to your product size and budget.