1.2M TSAUTOP Hydrographic Rinsing Tank With CE Cetification

1.2M TSAUTOP Hydrographic Rinsing Tank With CE Cetification

Item NoTSHRTA1200
Machine Size 120*100*140(cm)  / 3.94*3.28*4.59(ft)
Rinsing Area Size105*80*60(cm) /3.4*2.6*1.6(ft)
Machine MaterialThickness = 2.5mm +- 0.2mm 201#Stainless Steel
Electric Lift Door208-240V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, 150W
Water Recirculation SystemStainless Pump, 220V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, 1500W/2HP
Nozzle32pcs High Pressure

TSAUTOP 1.2M Hydro Dip Rinse Tank With CE Certification



TSAUTOP®  8ft/10ft Pneumatic Door Hydrographic Rinse Station with CE certification is a safe, useful, eco and efficient hydro washing machine. It is very suitable for medium industrial dipping business owners.


The volume of the washing area is very suitable for various dipped items, such as hydro dipping guns, hydro dip motorcycle, hydro dipping rims, and some other objects like hydro dip helmet, hydro dipped phone case, hydro dipped cups, hydro dipping wheels, car dashboard, hydro dipping shoes, hydro dipping tumblers and so on.

Hydrographic rinsing tank for cleaning hydro dipping item

TSAUTOP®  Automatic Hydrographic Rinse Station has a superb welding process and a humanized structural design. All welded parts are welded with 304 stainless steel welding wire. All the welding marks are polished to ensure no leaks. So, it can guarantee no water leakage for 5 years.

The Chain and trace of Hydrographic Rinse Tank


TSAUTOP®  Automatic Hydrographic Rinse Station is made of 2.5mm thick 201 stainless steel and the cover is made of 5mm steel sheet ensure to detect the rinsing items, framed of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel square pipe and equipped 10pcs  thick leveling feet, all of these ensure that the Hydrographic Rinse Station can hold enough water without deformation.

open rinsing tank


Thick stainless steel can ensure to resist acid, alkali, salt and corrosion. All of these ensure TSAUTOP® Hydrographic Rinse Station’s long life.

TSAUTOP® Hydrographic Rinse Station is equipped with low-noise, strong-flow, and long-life stainless-steel water pump, ensure flush the film slag on the surface of products.

Pneumatic cylinder for rinsing station


2250w for the 3m station and the 10m Hydrographic Rinse Station include 3 set 3HP water pump and 2HP motor for the conveyor. we can make the tanks with various voltages as your requirements, such as single-phase 110v,220v,3phases 220v,380v or the other special voltages.

The electric box and wires of TSAUTOP® hydrographics rinsing tank is equipped safely. It is equipped of a pneumatic lifted door, can be opened and closed with one key. And it is long life.

Pneumatic cylinder for rinsing station-



There have some high-pressure spray nozzles at the end of the water outer ensure the water flushed farther.TSAUTOP®10m Hydrographic Rinse Station is equipped 150pcs high-pressure spray nozzles,

All nozzles are installed in the four sides(Upper/down/right/left), and the bottom nozzles are equipped with a separate switch. When rinsing light articles, you can turn off this switch.

The electric box and wires of TSAUTOP® hydrographic rinse tank are equipped safely. It is equipped with digital timer, you can set the rinsing time as you need when the rinsing reaches the set time, the machine will stop rinsing. And the whole 10m Hydrographic Rinse Station can be controlled  separately for 3 stations

Hydrographic rinse tank

All working units are equipped with circuit breaker protection switches and emergency stop switch, ensure the safety of humans and machines in the emergency.

All wires are concealed and packed of protective pipe to prevent electrical leakage. All tanks have equipped earth wire to avoid electric shock.

TSAUTOP® hydrographic rinse tank is easy to install and operate. The electrical wire connecting is simple. Each wire sticks a number, you connect the wire as the number.



We supply a detail manual book. We have different dimensions hydrographic tank, you can choose the suitable one according to your working items.



  1. What is a dropping rinsing tank?


A hydrographic rinsing tank is a machine used to wash PVA hydrographic film slag left on the surface of hydro dipped products.


During hydro dipping, some slags of PVA hydro dip film are left on the hydro dipped products.  

These slags need to be washed to give hydrographic items a clean and beautiful finish. Hydrographic rinsing tanks are used for this washing purpose.


Hydrographic rinsing tanks are mostly made of stainless and galvanized steel. It has several nozzles through which water is pumped and sprayed to wash hydro dipped items.


As a leading hydro dipping equipment manufacturer, TSAUTOP manufactures best-in-class, precise, and highly durable hydrographic rinsing tanks that provide optimal rinsing solutions.


Our hydro dipping rinsing tanks are uniquely and professionally designed by our expert team of designers and engineers to offer an excellent rinsing experience for our customers around the globe.


TSAUTOP’s hydrographic rinsing tanks are CE certified and safe to use. They are simple, eco, and highly efficient washing machines.


  1. What are the unique features of TSAUTOP’s hydrographic rinsing tank?


TSAUTOP produces an 8ft/10ft Pneumatic Door Hydrographic rinse tank.


This automatic hydrographic rinsing tank is professionally constructed with 304 stainless steel wire through an excellent welding process. All welded parts of our tank are professionally and expertly polished to guarantee no water leakages for 5 years.


Our hydrographic rinsing tank is built with a 2mm thick 201 stainless steel and it has a 5mm steel sheet cover. It is enclosed with a 2mm thick 304 stainless steel square pipe and has a 10pcs thick leveling sheet. This makes our hydrographic rinsing tank efficiently store enough water without damage.


 Our hydrographic rinsing tank comes with high powered pumps and motors. The hydrographic rinsing tank pumps are made of durable stainless steel and operate with low noise with massive water flow. This makes our tank efficiently wash PVC film slag left on the surface of products after hydro dipping. It has high-pressure nozzles that efficiently and effectively spray water to wash hydro dipped items.


Our hydrographic rinse tank is suitable for medium industrial dipping business owners.


  1. What are the dimensions of TSAUTOP rinsing tanks?


TSAUTOP’s best-in-class 8ft/10ft pneumatic door hydrographic rinsing tank has a size of 300cm×100cm×140cm or 9.84ft×3.28ft×4.59ft. It has a rinsing area size of 240cm×90cm×50cm or 7.87ft×2.95ft×1.64ft.



  1. Are your hydrographic rinsing tanks durable?


Yes, our hydrographic rinsing tanks are durable.


Because our hydrographic rinsing tanks are built with high strength stainless steel, it is highly durable. It has a unique capacity to resist corrosion, impurities, acid, alkali, and salt.


Our expertly welded rinsing tanks are excellently polished to prevent water leakages for 5 years.


  1. Are TSAUTOP’s hydrographic rinsing tanks safe to use?


Yes, our hydrographic rinsing tanks are very safe to use.


This rinsing tank has a safe electric box and wire installation.  The wires are well covered and enclosed in a protective pipe to prevent leakage of electric power. It is also connected to earth wires to eliminate electric shock.


Circuit breakers and emergency stops are professionally installed on all rinsing tanks to guarantee the safety of operators and other users.


  1. What items can be rinsed in TSAUTOP’s hydrographic rinsing tank?


TSAUTOP’s hydrographic rinsing tank can be used for different dipping items such as:

  • hydro dipping guns
  • hydro dip motorcycle
  • hydro dipping rims
  • hydro dip helmet
  • hydro dipped phone case
  • hydro dipped cups
  • hydro dipping wheels
  • car dashboard
  • hydro dipping shoes
  • hydro dipping tumblers…


  1. What industries use your hydrographic rinsing tanks?


TSAUTOP’s high-quality rinsing tanks can be used by a wide range of industries which include:


  • Automotive
  • Computer
  • Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Military
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Cosmetics
  • Sports
  • Toys and Crafts




  1. Why should I choose your hydrographic rinsing tank?


We have over 10 year’s experience in the hydro dipping industry. TSAUTOP’s hydrographic rinsing tanks are professionally manufactured by a team of highly experienced and expert engineers.


Our tanks are CE certified and safe to use.


We use high strength stainless steel to manufacture our hydrographic tanks ensuring maximum quality and durability.


 Our tanks are simple and highly efficient washing machines.


We offer an after-sales high-class hydro dipping training. Our highly optimal, innovative, and super-efficient rinsing tanks are simple and easy to use.


This makes your rinsing less laborious and faster. TSAUTOP’s high performing rinsing tanks help you to get amazing hydro dipping results.



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