Most Considerate Hydro Dipping Business Investment Guide

Hydro dipping technology has been developed for more than 40 years, it has been welcomed all over the world until the last 10 years. Especially, in the recent 3-5 years more and more people begin to invest in the hydro dipping business or use the hydro dipping process to increase the product’s added value.

Hydro dipping technology is referred to by many names, including hydrographic, hydro dipping, hydrographic printing in America, aqua print, water transfer printing in Europe, water transfer, liquid print, and cubic printing in Asia. Whatever the name, the process is the same – a high-definition, 6-color graphic pattern can be transferred to many complex 3D shapes using a hydro dipping film.

Hydro dipping technology can use in all fields of production, such as the automotive industry, furniture, building material, hydro dipping shoes, household items, cosmetic packages, outdoor sports items, and so on.

No matter what kind of product, if you want to use hydro dipping technology, it can bring unexpected effects to your product.

In order to invest in the hydro dipping business clearly,  TSAUTOP® Hydro Dipping equipment factory provides various hydro dipping business plans, including DIY Hydro Dipping projects, Small Hydro Dipping businesses, Hydro Dipping for Beginners, Medium Hydro Dipping Businesses, Big Hydro Dipping businesses, Industrial Grade Hydro Dipping Production, Custom blank hydrographic film. These hydro dipping business investment plans can help you understand which is suitable for you and how to do hydro dipping.

Since activators and paints are dangerous goods, you can purchase them locally to save costs. If you are a customer in the Americas, I strongly recommend you buy high-quality activators and related paints from DIPPROS.

DIY Hydro Dipping project

DIY Hydro Dipping At Home

DIY Hydro Dipping project is mainly for somebody want to do hydro dipping at home or lab, it includes 1.2m diy hydro dipping tank with wash tab,A3/a4 size dipping tank. A3 size hydro dipping printer. There is activator spray gun and mask, gloves, 20kinds hydrographics film and speed shapes.

Medium Hydro Dipping Business

Medium Hydro Dipping

This Hydro dipping business includes a 3m hydrographic dipping tank,3m hydrographic rinse tank, 3m paint booth and 1.5m wideth drying cabinet.It can dip the most big size items, Such as hydro dipped motorcycle,hydro dipping car parts,gun dipping,hydro dipped vans. It is very suitable for starting a small hydro dipping plant.

Custom Hydro Dipping solution

Custom Hydro Dipping

Custom Hydro Dipping includes a 1.6m big size hydro dipping printer and A3 size hydrographic film printer, and blank blank hydrographic film rolls, A4/A3 printable hydro dipping sheets, hydrographic ink, activator.You can print any your own design.It is suitable foe making custom hydrographic film.

Big Hydro Dipping business

Auto Hydrographic Business

The Auto Hydrographic Business includes a fully-auto hydro dipping machine,5m hydrographics rinse station with conveyor,2m drying oven,3m spray paint booth.It can water transfer bulk items, such as hydro dipping shoes,hydro dip helmet,hydro dipped phone cases and controller.So it really fits to open a medium custom aquaprint plant.

Hydro Dipping for Beginner

Hydro Dipping For Beginner

This Hydro Dipping For Beginner includes a 1.2m hydro dipping tank,1.2m hydro dipping rinse station, 1.5m paint spray booth and 0.8m wideth drying oven.It can dip many small size items,such as hydro dipping tumblers,hydro dipping wheels ect. It is very suitable for hydro dipping beginners.

Industrial Grade Hydro Dipping Production-1

Industrial Grade Hydro Dipping Production Line

Industrial Grade Hydro Dipping Production Line inludes 2set 3m paint booth,10m automatic film flowing hydro dipping machine,12m hydrographics rinsing station and 12m drying tunnel.2m big cabinet.It is suitable for large products factory to do cubic printtheir own products,or build a professional hydro dipping service factory.

Small Hydro Dipping business

Small Hydro Dipping Plant

This Hydro dipping business includes a 2.4m hydro dipping tank,2.4m hydro dipping rinse station, 1.5m paint spray booth and 1.2m wideth drying cabinet.It can dip the most items, Such as hydro dipping rims,hydro dipping shoes,hydro dipping guns It is very suitable for starting a small hydro dipping plant.

Industrial Grade Hydro Dipping Production

Customized Hydro Dipping Production Line

If you are a manufacturer of hydro dipping car parts,tumblers,hydro dip cups, hydro dipping shoes, water transfer printing building material and other standardized single category.It includes costomized,10m automatic film flowing hydro dipping machine,12m hydrographics rinsing station and 12m drying tunnel.2m big cabinet.

Tsautop: Your Best Hydro Dipping Equipment Manufacturer

We can train your worker free if you use our equipment until they can operate by themselves.

All hydrographics equipment are made from 2.5+2mm 201# stainless steel.All machine meet CE standard.

Our hydro dipping machine has a beautiful shape and fine welding craft.

No any leakage and glues. Easy to install and operate.

The electrical wire connecting is simple. We supply a detail manual book.

1.Hydro Dipping Tank

We can manufacture 1.2-3.5m long, 0.7-1.5wide, 0.9m high various types of Hydro Dipping Tank. Such as 1.2m DIY hydro dipping tank for dipping small parts, training, demo, testing, practice.

1.2m manual hydrographics tank for dipping small car parts, hydro dipping helmet, 2.4m and 3m long manual hydro dipping tank for hydro dipping rims, hydro dipping wheels, hydro dipping car parts.

Certainly, we can customize any size hydro dipping equipment for your requirement.


HYDRO DIPPING TANKAll hydro dipping tanks can be equipped with a robot dipping arm for dipping heavy or big parts. Certainly, if you need to dip more pieces parts and need to dip more stable, you must select a hydro

dipping machine with dipping arm. Because this will improve your productivity and quality.

If you feel spraying activator by hand is not convenient, you can select an automated spray activator system for the tank. It will improve the speed and evenness of the activator spraying, and this system can spray bigger size than by hand.

We can manufacture an automated spray activator system for 1.2-3m hydro dipping tank. This system is easy to install and operate.

automatic spray activator system

If your located labor cost is too high, and you would like to dip a big order, you can choose TSAUTOP Fully automatic hydro dipping machine.

This machine can finish the whole dipping process by one person. It is equipped automatic film release system, automated spray activator system, hydro dipping arm.

The whole dipping process will finish in 2.5minutes and can dip dozens or hundreds of parts one time. It can dip 50-100kg weight parts. It is very suitable for medium industrial production.


If you need to build a big factory for continuous big order, TSAUTOP 8-10m automatic hydro dipping production line will be very suitable for your demand.

This hydro dipping equipment is equipped with an automatic film releasing system that can release film continuously, and an automatic spray activator system.

This hydro dipping equipment only needs one person for dipping and can produce thousands and dozens of thousands of items per day.

semi-automatic hydro dipping equipment

 2.Hydrographics rinse machine

We can manufacture 1.2-3.5m long, 1-1.5wide.1.4-2m high various types of hydro dipping rinse tanks. Such as 1.2m DIY hydro dipping wash machine for rinsing small parts, training, demo, testing, practice.

1.2m automatic door hydrographics rinse machine for washing small car parts, hydro dipping helmet.

2.4m and 3m long automatic door hydrographics washing machine for hydro dipping rims, hydro dipping wheels, hydro dipping car parts.


This hydrographics washing machine equipped with 32pcs (1.2m tank)/80pcs (2.4m tank)/115pcs (3m tank) high-pressure spray nozzles, all nozzles are installed in the five sides and the bottom nozzles with a separate switch.

When rinsing light articles, you can turn off this switch. and we equip stainless steel square pipe as the holder and spread stainless steel stencil on the holder. So, it can rinse all kinds of articles not lost into the tank.

This hydrographics rinse machine is equipped with an electric lift door, can be opened and closed with one key. It is equipped with digital timer, you can set the rinsing time as you need when the rinsing reaches the set time, the machine will stop rinsing.

All working units are equipped with circuit breaker protection switches and emergency stop switch, ensure the safety of humans and machines in the emergency.

If you have a big order for producing, you can choose 2 sets 3m long rinse machine, or you can choose TSAUTOP 7-10m long automatic hydrographic rinse tank。

this hydrographic equipment can rinse many items through the continuous conveyor.

It is equipped 400pcs high-pressure nozzles to ensure clean any items when the items pass the machine.

wash machine line

 3.Spray paint booth

We can manufacture 1.2m(single workplace) small paint booth and 2.4m(2 workplaces) standard spray paint booth。

each paint booth is equipped with a powerful fan and water pump for automatic air changing and water cycling.

It will ensure take away the paint smell and smog with air and water.


Certainly, if your local environmental protection requirements are strict, you need to choose a professional painting house equipped with a special air filtration system and wastewater treatment system.

 4.Dry oven or drying tunnel

We can manufacture 0.6m-2m wide, 1.7- 2.1m high, 0.7-1.7m deep drying oven for drying primer, base coating, water, top coating in 50-150 degrees.

This is suitable for drying small items. If you need dry batch items, you can choose the drying house like a car paint drying house.

drying oven

Or you can choose a 10-15m drying tunnel with conveyor, its temperature can be set from 40-150degrees. It can suit dry all kinds of materials, such as plastic, metal, etc.

drying tunnel

 5.hydrographic film printer

we can supply 4-6 colors inkjet printer for blank hydrographic film。

my hydrographic film printer covers A4, A3 size printer, and 1.3-1.6m big format hydro dipping printer.

They need special environmentally friendly pigment inks to print blank water transfer film.

inkjet printer for blank hydrographic film

6.Film winding machine

We manufacture a new Film winding machine for the film wholesalers and dealers.

This machine can divide large rolls of film into any length as required, such as 0.5m, 1m, 2m,…….

It is equipped with one knife for cutting the film into half or any width. It can wind 30-50m per minute.

Film winding machine

In all, if you want to do or expand your hydro dipping business, TSAUTOP can support you all hydro dipping equipment and service.

Choose TSAUTOP, you are right. Don’t hesitate to call us.

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