Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine

Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine 1.0

Item NO.TSHDTA4100       L*W*H
Machine Size 410 *  130  *  90 (cm)
13.45*  4.27 *  2.95(ft)
 Dipping Area Size/Max Processing Size 310 *  110 *  70(cm)
10.17*  3.6*  2.3(ft)
Machine MaterialThickness =2.5mm+-0.2mm 201#Stainless Steel
Dipping Arm Material4*8 2mm thickness aluminum alloy
Dipping Arm SizeH220*108(cm).holding frame 125*80(cm),Long bar 290cm
Dipping Arm Load-bearingElectric 250kg/pneumatic 80kg
Dipping Arm Powersingle /3 phases 220/380V 750w servo motor
Continuous Flow SystemPower single /3 phases 220/380V 400w servo motor
Automatic Spray System130*35.4pcs spray guns
Heating Elements1Set, 208-240V, Single Phase, 50 Hz, 9000W
Water Recirculation System 220V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, 750W

The Instruction of TSAUTOP Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine is one of our equipment which are used for Fully automatic water transfer printing equipment, this equipment has automatic constant temperature system, Automatic Activator Spray System, Automatic Film Flowing System, Automatic Dipping Arm, water circle, automatic filter film dust features.

One person can operate this machine to finish hydro dipping, so it can save your human labor.

Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine

TSAUTOP Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine suit for the medium dipping factory owner.

This machine has two models, one key automatic model and separated manual operation each system.

Auto model: this model can continuously complete the whole dipping process including film flowing, activator spraying, dipping by robot arm and cleaning by auto key button.

All size and speed can be set in PLC.

PLC for fully automatic hydro dipping tank

Manual model: operating the water pump, flow-film system, activator spraying system, dipping separately.

All size and speed can be set in PLC.

This machine can complete one dipping in 3minutes, so it is very efficient.

The flow-film system controlled by servo motor is very accurate; it will save you film cost.

Full y automatic hydro dip equipment with continuous film flowing system

Activator spraying system can be adjusted to suitable for various film.

tsautop hydrographic dipping tank with filtering and heating system

Dipping arm powered by servo motor is very stable and precise; this will ensure the quality of hydro dipping.

hydro dipping arm for wholesale

Heating function, 2sets 6000kw heating elements can start separately or all or not start, according to the weather hot or cold.

The water temperature can set 25-35℃.

Water circle and filtering, the water pump power are 750w.

it has strong flushing power and flushing over film dust will be filtered, instantly remove the remaining film dust, preparing for next putting film, and circle till the surface of the water tank for maximum saving the water.

All in one, One machine +One person =One factory.


  • Power Light:Power indicating lights
  • Main Power Switch: Turn the key to left, Power Light(Yellow)OFF, POWER OFF, Turn Right,Power Light(Yellow)On,Power activating
  • Water Pump Light:water pump indicating lights
  • Water Pump Switch:Turn left,Water Pump Light(Green)OFF,Water Pump switch off power,Turn right Water Pump switch,Water Pump Light(Green) on,Water Pump switch activating。
  • Heater Light 1:Heating element 1 indicating lights, heating power 6KW; Heater Light 2:Heating element 2 indicating lights,
  • Heater1 Switch: on is heating power 6KW; Heater2 Switch: if it is on, the heating power is 6KW; if heater1 and heater2 are all on, the heating power is 12KW,the heating time is short.
  • Auto Model Light:Automatic Modelindicating lights
  • Auto Model Switch: the machine will run automatically when Auto Model Switch is on. this model is for mass production
  • Film-Flowing light: Manual Film-flowing indicating light;
  • Manual Film-flowing:if you don’t need the fully automatic running, you can turn on the key, it will finish flow film separately as your need. This model is for small production or sample making.
  • Spraying Light:Manual Spraying indicating light;
  • Manual Spraying: when the auto model is off, you can turn on this key for spraying activator separately as your need. This model is for few productions or sample making.
  • Dipping Arm Light:Manual Dipping Arm indicating light;
  • Manual Dipping Arm:when the auto model is off, you can turn on this key for dipping separately as your need. This model is for few productions or sample making.
  • PLC:All system tests and parameters setting of auto model by PLC(It will be detail in later chapter)
  • Digital Thermostat 1:setting and controlling the temperature of filter tank; Digital Thermostat 2: setting and controlling the temperature of dipping tank;
  • E-STOP:Emergency Switch, Emergency Switch all functions.
  1. Parameter of this machine (the following data is the default configuration)
Item NO.TSHDTA2400       L*W*H
Machine Size 300 *  130  *  90 (cm)
 9.84*  4.27 *  2.95(ft)
 Dipping Area Size 200 *  110 *  70(cm)
 6.56*  3.6*  2.3(ft)
Machine MaterialThickness =2.5mm+-0.2mm 201#Stainless Steel
Dipping Arm Material4*8 2mm thickness aluminum alloy
Dipping Arm SizeH220*60(cm).holding frame 50*50(cm)
Dipping Arm Load-bearingElectric 50kg/pneumatic 80kg
Dipping Arm Powersingle /3 phases 220/380V 750w servo motor
Continuous Flow System130*50*30,Power single /3 phases 220/380V 400w servo motor
Automatic Spray System130*35.4pcs spray guns
Heating Elements2Set, 208-240V, Single Phase, 50 Hz, 2*6000W
Water Recirculation System 220V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, 750W
Control Box1.Master Power On/Off Switch
2.Pump On/Off Switch
3.Heating Element  6kw/12kw Switch
4.Auto On/Off Switch
5.Digital Thermostat X 2 PCS
8.5 Sets Control Handles and Meters for Spray Guns
 9.All the red and green lights needed for the switches.
Water Capacity 1.8 Tons for TSHDTA3500
Packagepacking with Shrink Film in 40HQ

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