TSAUTOP Hydro Dipping Drying Equipment

TSAUTOP is a leading hydro dip solution supplier in China, provides kinds of hydro dip film and hydro dipping equipment. And we always provide hydro dipping training about our machines offline and online. 

TSAUTOP hydrographic provides hydro dipping drying equipment for dipped items’ drying quickly, you will go two steps drying out during the whole hydro dipping process, especially for metal material such as car rims, the high temperature drying out can make the dipping effect better than not. TSAUTOP hydro dipping drying equipment has two types, drying oven and differents size of drying tunnel, you can choose the suitable one according to your hydro dipping business.

Anyway, TSAUTOP can provide you one-stop solution about hydro dipping, you can know more from our hydro dipping business guide.