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TSAUTOP Hydrographics is a one-stop Leading Hydrographics supplier and manufacturer, specializing in the field of hydro dipping. We have 3 facilities covering hydro dipping equipment, hydro dipping service, hydrographics film, and hydro dipping kits.

Over the last 10 years, TSAUTOP Hydrographics has served more than 2,000 customers in more than 150 countries in the water transfer printing industry. Our goal is to become a new Pioneer in the hydro dipping industry and help more and more water transfer printing entrepreneurs achieve success. Read more

Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping machine V5.3

Our Mission

Based on the water transfer printing industry, help small and medium-sized entrepreneurs around the world, benefits employees, and give back to society.


Founder's Story

I am Dason Chan, the founder of  Hangzhou TSAUTOP Hydrographics Technology Co., Ltd. I have been engaged in this industry for 14 years since 2008 and have witnessed the rise & decline of the water transfer printing industry with you. TSAUTOP Hydrographics team will be determined to make a contribution to the development of the hydrographic industry.

A happy family is the source of motivation for entrepreneurship

As a father of 2 boys (13 years old and 8 years old), I love my warm family very much. Our whole family like cycling and we have ever cycled to Tibet, Beijing and many other provinces in China..

Cycling to Tibet

Learning-oriented Team

TSAUTOP Hydrographics team is very passionate about learning and has formed good study habits. Our daily learning content includes the traditional Chinese culture, western management science and so on.

Our sales team consists of professional and benevolent mothers. They have a happy family and love to invest in the hydrographic industry. Their rich experience will provide you a complete set of solutions.

Team Morning Study every day

Team Morning Study every day

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Family Travel

big Happy family

Hiking 30km

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Team Dinner

Team Dinner party

Birthday Party

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How to Support you

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

TSAUTOP Hydrographics with advanced production capacity  

After ten years of rapid development, TSAUTOP has a powerful R&D and production capacity in the hydrographic industry. So no matter how big the order is, TSAUTOP will offer you a satisfactory service.

We integrate hydrographic industry resources and establish a product design library. We have over 25,000 different designs and keep updating constantly.

TSAUTOP has accumulated a library of more than 1,000 hot-selling products, which can give valuable ideas to those customers who plan to develop customized hydro dipping films. TSAUTOP’s advanced ECO printer could also help reduce your development costs and realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

About large-scale commercial water transfer film, TSAUTOP has also developed the industry’s most advanced gravure flexo printing machine. The maximum printing color can be reached to 8 colors, and the printing width can be 0.5m and 1m. These data are derived from our excellent team. The printing technician team has more than 20 years of printing work experience, scientific research and development personnel, and a customer-oriented service concept.

TSAUTOP continues to develop customized hydro dipping machines for many world-famous brands and has won a good reputation.

TSAUTOP Hydrographics laboratory

In order to better serve global customers, TSAUTOP has established the first water transfer laboratory in China, where we can display various types of water transfer equipment and show the whole dipping process. Our laboratory director has 18 years of experience in water transfer printing research and development.

In addition to solving technical problems in the industry, it also helps us conduct customer operation training which has already guided hundreds of global users to have professional dipping technology. Welcome our friends to visit and study at TSAUTOP.

Hangzhou TSAUTOP Hydrographics equipment manufacturing factory

In order to produce industry-leading high-quality dipping equipment, TSAUTOP Hydrographics has established a manufacturing factory in Hangzhou. We have sold more than 1000 sets of water transfer printing equipment to the global markets, especially the hydro dipping tank, rinsing tank, and fully automatic hydro dipping machine, which is well known all over the world for its high efficiency.

Your valuable advice and sales support will advance TSAUTOP’s production progress. During these years, we seriously listen to our customers’ any suggestion and concentrate on manufacturing every simple and applicable dipping machine. Meanwhile, we develop various kinds of product fixtures to simplify the production process for our customers.

TSAUTOP Hydrographics has strict quality control. Our QC will inspect every corner of the machines in detail to make sure everything is perfect before the shipment. In the future, our team will base on solving industry problems and help more and more water transfer enthusiasts to start their businesses easily and successfully.

About the hydro dipping processing business, our water transfer printing production line can meet a certain of product processing services and provide the samples before bulk production.

Custom blank hydrographic film

Hydrographic Film Printer

Sample film and Custom Film Printing

hydro dipping training

TSAUTOP laboratory

Various Typy Machine For Test and Training

professional Hydro dipping Equipment manufacturer

Equipment Manufacturer

Professional Hydro Dipping Equipment Factory

Hydrographics Film Printing machine

Film Printing Factory

Large-scale Commercial Hydro Dipping film

Start or rebuild your hydro dipping business here.

If you have any questions about hydro dipping, please contact us freely. The TSAUTOP Hydrographics team is waiting for you always.

About TSAUTOP Hydrographics

TSAUTOP® Hydrographics is an one-stop solutions manufacturer and supplier specialized in the field of Hydro Dipping. We have 3 facilities covering... Readmore

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