TSAUTOP® Hydrographics is a one-stop solutions manufacturer and supplier, specialized in the field of hydro dipping. We have 3 facilities covering hydro dipping equipment, hydro dipping service, hydrographics film and hydro dipping kits.

Digital Hydrographic Film Printer
Advanced water transfer printing equipment

For product manufacturers and hydro dipping factories, TSAUTOP® Hydrographics can manufacture a normal size and customized size hydro dipping tank ( manual, semi and fully automatic type), hydrographic rinse tankdrying tunnelspray booth as your required. All equipment meet CE standard. TSAUTOP® Hydrographics has sold more than 200 sets hydro dipping equipment to the USA and other countries, especially hydro dipping tanks. TSAUTOP® Hydrographics can design and supply a whole plant solution based on your workshop layout.

Hydrogrphics film plant
The Newest Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine
Semi Automatic Hydro Dipping Tank with Dipping Arm

For processing on order, TSAUTOP® Hydrographics has a high standard 5000 sqm anti-static workshop, 10m automatic film flowing dipping tank, 30m high-pressure automatic washing line, 30m drying tunnel and heating room, fully automatic spraying Robot. TSAUTOP® can help you do OEM Hydro dipping service and give your normal training about how to hydro dip. TSAUTOP® Hydrographics can hydro dip various parts, such as auto parts, cosmetic packaging, crafts, toys, etc. In the meanwhile, TSAUTOP® Hydrographics support our clients strongly, offer free training services, sample producing services and film customizing services, etc.

the process of hydro dipping
Hydro Dipping service
water transfer printing crafts

For hydro dipping factories and film distributors, TSAUTOP® Hydrographics has many types film for your selection, such as wood grain, marble, metal brushed, carbon fiber, skulls, camouflage, flame, zombie, flower, abstract, flag, cartoon, animal print, leather & cloth, etc. TSAUTOP® Hydro Dipping film is made of Japan-imported high-quality primer film & ink. We have advanced Germany-imported 8-color gravure printing machines, 8 engineers & 50 employees, 4000 sqm factory, over 20000 hydro dipping patterns for selection, continuous 30 new designs developing by month. TSAUTOP® Hydrographics exports more than 1 million sqm hydro dipping films all over the world every year.

water transfer printing manufacturer
hydrographics dipping film manufacturer from China
hydro dipping film manufacturer

For the customized designer, TSAUTOP® Hydrographics can not only supply printable hydrographic film, but also hydrographic printer for custom hydro dipping. The film includes A4/A3 size,the MAX width is 1.27m. The printer includes A3 size 6 colors inkjet printer and 1.6m wide 4 colors plotter special for printing your own designs.

1.6m inkjet printer with competitive price
blank hydrographics water transfer printing film
A3 Inkjet Printer For Blank Hydrographic Film

If you would love to enhance value and competitiveness for your products, TSAUTOP® Hydrographics will provide the most complete solution for you.

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pattern catalog from China hydro dipping machine water transfer printing filmwholesaler
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