How To Hydro Dipping: The Complete Transfer Printing Process


Hydro Dipping Process

Hydro Dipping Step 1: The Surface Cleaning for Base Coating

What you need to prepare for base coating are grease and hydro dipping dip-kit . Before base coating , you need to make sure that the item is very clean which is made up by grime and water . Hydro dipping dip kit comes with a Scotch pad and a piece of either wet or dry sandpaper with 800 grits on which can be used to lightly scuff the part you are dipping so that the primer can be bonded with the part . This is essential .

Also , don’t forget to wear latex gloves to clean the part , which could avoid any grease from your hands dipping on the base . In this process , you are not allowed to touch items to be printed . This is to prevent any grease from getting onto the item from your fingers , which affects the result of the painting reaction .

In order to wipe the item thoroughly without any remaining dust/debris prior to priming , the tack cloth is highly required instead of the regular wiper . This will leave your item very clean and be ready for the next step in the hydro dipping process .

Hydro Dipping Step 2: Priming and Base coating

The primer should be ready to apply after all prepares . We provide all kinds of primers , including white , black and other colors . Shake the can vigorously for 2-3 minutes before applying a light dust coat . Next, Wait for 10 minutes and then apply a slightly heavier coat . Wait another 10 minutes , and then apply what should be your final coat . Do it gently to avoid the reaction as the solvent evaporates meeting painted item .

If the item still isn’t evenly covered , then continually add coats until it is evenly covered . Then , Wait for one hour for the part to be fully dry before moving on to the next step . Onto the next step in the hydro dipping project , Any primers can be removed completely with dry sandpaper which is in hydro dipping kit .

The next step in the hydro dipping process is applying the appropriate base coat . supply the color we recommend to your film if there is one . If the film has transparent parts in , you will be supplied with the paint color you have chosen . The paint we provide in the aerosol cans is automotive base coat paint . This is high-quality paint , which works well with the primer and films, performs well out of the aerosol can .

Hydro Dipping Step 3: The First Drying for Hydro Dipping

In order to avoid applying too much once , you should begin with small coats . Ten-minute drying after the coating is required . Dry the coat for 10minute (60℃-200℃, the temperature setting depends on the material) in drying oven or tunnel till its at least 80% dried before moving into the next step of the hydro dipping process .

Hydro Dipping Step4: Dipping

This is without a doubt that our favorite part of the hydro dipping process. Before hydro dipping , you need to start the heater of your hydro dipping tank for 30-90minutes and check the water temperature controller. You should prepare your items and cut the suitable size hydro graphics film when the water temperature is up to 25-30℃.

The item is now nearly ready to be hydro dipped in your hydro dipping film pattern. Use the masking tape provided “back tape” to the edge of your item. Leave the tape overlapping over the edge of the item . This helps that when the film breaks away during dipping , it will break on the tape. Which means that any problem occurs on the tape , but not the edge of your item.

If there are any areas with water rushing through where hydro dipping applied in , tapes should be applied to these films as well. This stops the hydro dipping pattern being pulled and distorted when water rushes through these areas.

after water warmed to 25-30℃ , lay the hydrographic films without bubbles of air and water between the film and the water trapped on the water. The film will be spread out and fill the surface area of the water after you apply the hydro dip activator. So use a tub that is approximately 10-15mm slightly bigger than the piece of film you are using.

Pinch the film‘s corner with wet your finger and thumb. The side that adheres to your finger is the water-soluble side and this side should face down in the water. Leave the film on the surface of the water for 45-60 seconds (the time depends on the film) before applying the activator.

Shake the activator spray can and slowly pass it over the film. Dip your item through the hydro dipping pattern with 45 degrees , when the film looks very glossy and acts like liquid on the surface of the water.

You can adjust the dipping angle (regular angle is 45 degree).

Hydro Dipping Step5: Rinsing or washing

After hydro dipping , you take your item out and rinse with clean water for five minutes in your hydrographic rinse tank until the residual PVA being washed away and the item is no longer slimy to touch as well.

Hydro Dipping Step6: Drying For Removing The Water

After rinsing , you can put the items into the drying oven or drying tunnel for removing the water about 20-30minutes. Certainly , you can put them outside if sunshine is sufficient.

Hydro Dipping Step7: Top Coating

After rinsing your hydro dipped item and leaving air to dry , you can apply the top coating. Again , shake the aerosol can be provided vigorously for 2-3 minutes. It is very important to apply very small dust coats of lacquer over the print , to begin with.

Applying a wet coat immediately can cause the lacquer reacting with the print , and make it distort. Apply a very light dust coat and leave to dry for 15 minutes.

Then apply another light coat and leave it to dry for 15 minutes. After this whole process , you can start building up heavier coats applying to a final wet whatever is in smooth gloss , satin or matte type.

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Congratulate Tsautop pass TUV cetification


Tsautop pass TUV cetification

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Why have strict requirement for dipping item cleaning ?


If you are intent to do hydrographic dipping for an item at home , the first thing is to prepare grease and hydro dipping dip-kit ( hydrographic ink dip kit ) for cleaning this item thoroughly  , because the water transfer printing technology require item have a high standard of cleanliness without any grime and water .

hydro dipping products from Tsautop

Grease is used to soak the original part with stubborn stain for cleaning this part better .

 Hydro dipping dip kit usually watching with a Scotch pad as well as a piece of  damp or  arid abrasive paper with 800 grits , can be used to lightly scuff  the part you are dipping , so that the primer can be bonded with this part , which is essential for our next  hydrographic dipping process .

In order to avoid your fingermark leaving on the part to influence final effect of water transfer printing  , please do not forget  to wear latex gloves when you are cleaning the item . In this process , you are not allow to touch items to be printed . This is to prevent any grease from getting onto the item from your fingers , which affects the result of the painting reaction .

Hydrographic rinsing tank for cleaning hydro dipping itemOf course , if you work from hydrographic business , and you want to clean your product for bulk , thus you should have a automatic Hydro rinsing tank to do save your production time and human labors . 

If you are interested in hydro dipping , or you want to realize our products , please feel free to contact us .

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Why Choose Full Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine


Full Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine – Release your Hands & Enhance your Production

If you want to boom your small hydrographic dipping business  ,  maybe you should employ more huma labor. If you employ  tiros with a low salary cost , then you must teach them how to do hydro dipping , what is hydrographic dip and how should they do about your hydro dipping business . 

There is no doubt it will waste more time to train your employees . 

hydro dipping fpr huge production by full automatic hydro printing equipment

Then you can choose to employ someone with hydro dipping exprience directly , but the high salary cost also annoyed you .

It seems everything is not easy to develope your hydro dip business and everything with high cost .

full automatic hydro dipping tank-from Tsautop manufacturer  

Tsautop is one stop solution supplier / manufactuerer for hydro dipping. 

We have done a research and development for fully-automatic hydrographic dipping water transfer equipment , with auto constant temperature system , auto film flowing  system , automatic activator B supply system , auto hydro dip robot arm , auto fliter system , water cycle . 

Full automatic hydro dipping printing equipment with dipping robot arm

Full automatic hydro dipping printing equipment with dipping robot arm

One person can opreate this Automatic hydro printing equipment to work normally .

One person + one equipment = factory .

Auto Constant Tempertature System

Some hydrographic enthusiast know that the best working temperature of water transfer printing process is at range 20℃-25℃ .

So if you want to do a good hydro dipping during a long time , you must keep your water temperature in a suitable range

automatic constant temperature system for full automatic hydrographic equipment

So automatic temperature system is necessary for huge production.

Automatic Film Flowing System


Film Flowing system includes 4 parts , Film Installation Shaft , Film Lift-up Shaft , Film Flowing Shaft and Heating Cutter .

Automatic film flowing system

We can realize something from the name of these parts . Auto lay down the film on the water and slide it on the tank slowly , cut it in a setting length.

Automatic Activator Spary System

Auto activator supply system includes automatic spary gun , air pressure controller and high pressure activator storage tank as below in the image .

Activator Spraying system for full automatic hydro dip tank

They are very useful for many hydro dipping production once , enhance the work efficiency , operate easily .

In a word , if you want to boom your hydro dipping business , there is no doubt you should have one full automatic hydrographic dip printing equipment . 

So please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about our hydro dipping tank or leave message for us , we will contact you as soon as possible .

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