What's difference between hydrographic dipping film and transfer sticker

What’s difference between hydrographic dipping film and transfer sticker ?

What's difference between hydrographic dipping film and transfer sticker

Application of hydro dipping film & transfer sticker

Hydrographic ink dipping film is mainly used in the water transfer printing process for a large-area pattern effect. It is widely used in metals, ceramics, electronic products printing, and so on.

Transfer sticker is also called water sticker and watercolor printing, a new surface treatment craft, can replace kinds of other printing crafts such as pad printing, silk screen printing, thermal transfer, and spraying, etc. It is characterized by clear dots and steps, with fine tone fineness, and its film surface is soft, performance is stable, transfer sticker also can be used in large-area printing as well as its operation is convenient and simple.

 Water transfer printing film printed knowledge

Water transfer printing film printed knowledge

1. Reasons of drawing (knife line) :

  • The scraper has gaps or its quality is poor.
  • Ink particles are large or viscosity is too high.
  • Scraper angle or pressure is unsuitable.
  •  Poorly polished or version roller chrome surface is rough.
  • The plate roller is slightly flat, the ovality is too large, or the dynamic balance is not good.

2. Solutions of drawing :

  • Check if there is any gap of scraper, using sandpaper to grind scraper or replace a new one.
  • Filter the ink to reduce larger particles.
  • Polished the surface of the plate roller with sandpaper.
  • Check the slightness, ellipticity, and dynamic balance of the plate roller.
  • Re-polished or chrome plating again.

3. Net (moire) cause: ink viscosity is not suitable.

Solution: when a solid version and another web version print the netting, it is generally that the ink in the field version is too thin and the ink layer is not thick enough.

4. Rippling occurs: printing ink fluidity is bad.

Solutions :

  • Increase the viscosity of the ink.
  • Increase the printing speed.
  • Correct the printing tension.

5. Same mesh has a different color: two-color and multi-color plate net line and net corner are exactly the same and some dots are completely coincident during printing, some of the dots are staggered, resulting in inconsistent visual coloring. Gray, purple, brown, and spot color superimposed of similar meshes are easy to produce the same mesh-shaped color shift.

Solution: enhance the overprint accuracy.

6. Dots occur: Due to the fluidity of the ink itself, when the 65-80 mesh is printed, some of the dots are connected together, but others are not connected together, causing an uneven printing with serious hue such as dark purple, brown, dark green, deep red, etc.


  • Choose a better ink.
  • Adjust viscosity of the ink.
  • Correct angle of scraper or pressure.
  • Enhance the printing speed.

Printing plate quality problem

Printing plate quality problem

Plate roller is important in the process of hydro dipping, many times the plate roller defect can not be adjusted by operation, the following summarizes the common quality problems of the plate and the relative solution.

  1. Blocking (plugging net) Causes :
  • The ink is dry too fast.
  • The mesh pit is too small, causing the ink can not easy to transfer.
  • The inner wall of the net pit is not clean and smooth.

Solutions :

  • Change a slow-drying solvent.
  • Increase printing speed.
  • Lower the viscosity of the ink.
  • Clean the plate roller after finishing water transfer printing from hydro dipping equipment.
  • Check whether the hairdryer blows the wind onto the plate roller.

2. Corrosion (chrome falling) causes :

  • The plate roller is dirty.
  • The plate is subject to friction or extrusion.

Solutions :

  • Use solvent to clean the surface of the plate roller in time after hydro ink dipping.
  • Clear up the plate with a clean soft cloth, and do not leave a fingermark.
  • Applying low-volatility light oil on the surface of the plate roller uniformly, but please do not apply with used engine oil. Of course, special anti-rust oil is better.
  • Use a film (such as a waste film, make sure the ink is facing outwards), to wrap the oil-coated plate, wrap it in corrugated paper, stand it upside down or use a shelf to keep it in a ventilated, dry, and save it in a storehouse avoiding shining directly.
  • Do not arrange the warehouse on the first floor, and keep away from acids, alkalis, and other items.

Tsautop is professional hydro dipping equipment & blank water transfer printing film & hydrographic dipping film supplier from China, providing quality various pattern films for our client’s choosing, you always can find your favorite film. In other words, if you perfer your pattern designing by yourself to our available film pattern, we also offering personalized customized service for you through our blank hydro dipping film. Of course, if you have any questions about hydrographic film printers or hydro dip film, please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected].

transfer ink for blank hydrographics film

A New Custom Hydro Dipping Solution

A New Custom Hydro Dipping Solution for Blank hydrographic film printing – Say goodbye to activator A

Transfer ink-Simplify blank hydrographic film

Tsautop is hydro dip products supplier , mainly manufacture and supply water transfer printing film , blank pva film and water transfer printing dipping tank for wholesale price . Now Tsautop launch a new ink for water ink transfer printer , if you use our latest printing ink , you don’t need activator A any more after you print your blank film .  Blank hydrographic film is a kind of custom hydrographic film , mainly use of our customer printing their own design , transferring on the items via water ink transfer printing  process , widely used in shoes , wheel , craft , part , phone , cup , hat , gift and any other object can be printed . All the time , Tsautop always provide custom blank film printing service for our customer , so they can print their own pattern design on the paper ,  transfer their pattern on items via supplying activator A and doing water transfer printing . That custom print service help many small dipping business store have their own pattern feature ,  increase their competitiveness compared with other hydro print store . By the long developing time goes by, Tsautop has launched a new blank film print way to simplify traditional complicated water transfer printing process of custom hydro ink blank film . In the past , the process of custom blank film hydrographics print is these steps as below: Hydro Dipping Process

  1. Please prepare high quality pattern design image , good transfer print effect depends on high quality image you provide .
  2. Choose several relative color ink for your printer according to your image .
  3. Check out whether inkjet printer can work normal , then connect this hydrographic film printer with your computer , find out printed image on the computer .
  4. Print your own hydrographic film .
  5. Spray activator A on water transfer printing paper , let printed paper can be supplied on hydro dipping .
  6. Supply activator A on blank , so that this printed paper become a real wtp film .
  7. This blank film has became water transfer printing film , you can transfer this diy water transfer printing film on your item via hydro dipping process.

These are all steps of custom hydro dip patterns , Tsautop think about that maybe our customer want a easier way to print their diy custom hydro dip patterns , so we launch a new ink for hydro dipping printer .  If you use Tsautop printing ink for printing blank paper , your printing steps will be simplified as below:

  1. High resolution pattern picture .
  2. Select all of color in your picture , and prepare printing ink for all of these color .
  3. Combine pva film printer with laptop , open the picture on the computer .
  4. Begin to print hydro film patterns on blank film .
  5. Take use of this custom water transfer printing paper to do hydro dipping .

We will find out latest print ink is a combination of normal printing ink and activator A , make our customized water transfer blank film easier than before . In additional ,  compared with conventional blank film printing  , latest ink make printed transfer paper clearer , support colorful complex image design . If you want to know more details about our transfer ink or you are interested in our products , please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your meassage for us , we will contact you sooner .


Why Choose Full Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine

Why Choose Full Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine

Full Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine – Release your Hands & Enhance your Production

If you want to boom your small hydrographic dipping business  ,  maybe you should employ more huma labor. If you employ  tiros with a low salary cost , then you must teach them how to do hydro dipping , what is hydrographic dip and how should they do about your hydro dipping business . There is no doubt it will waste more time to train your employees . hydro dipping fpr huge production by full automatic hydro printing equipment Then you can choose to employ someone with hydro dipping exprience directly , but the high salary cost also annoyed you . It seems everything is not easy to develope your hydro dip business and everything with high cost . full automatic hydro dipping tank-from Tsautop manufacturer Tsautop is one stop solution supplier / manufactuerer for hydro dipping. We have done a research and development for fully-automatic hydrographic dipping water transfer equipment , with auto constant temperature system , auto film flowing  system , automatic activator B supply system , auto hydro dip robot arm , auto fliter system , water cycle .

Full automatic hydro dipping printing equipment with dipping robot arm

Full automatic hydro dipping printing equipment with dipping robot arm

One person can opreate this Automatic hydro printing equipment to work normally . One person + one equipment = factory .

Auto Constant Tempertature System

Some hydrographic enthusiast know that the best working temperature of water transfer printing process is at range 20℃-25℃ . So if you want to do a good hydro dipping during a long time , you must keep your water temperature in a suitable range . automatic constant temperature system for full automatic hydrographic equipment So automatic temperature system is necessary for huge production.

Automatic Film Flowing System

  Film Flowing system includes 4 parts , Film Installation Shaft , Film Lift-up Shaft , Film Flowing Shaft and Heating Cutter . Automatic film flowing system We can realize something from the name of these parts . Auto lay down the film on the water and slide it on the tank slowly , cut it in a setting length.

Automatic Activator Spary System

Auto activator supply system includes automatic spary gun , air pressure controller and high pressure activator storage tank as below in the image . Activator Spraying system for full automatic hydro dip tank They are very useful for many hydro dipping production once , enhance the work efficiency , operate easily . In a word , if you want to boom your hydro dipping business , there is no doubt you should have one full automatic hydrographic dip printing equipment . So please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about our hydro dipping tank or leave message for us , we will contact you as soon as possible .