Hydro Dipping Arm

Pneumatic Hydro Dipping Arm

Item NO.TSHDA2400       L*W*H
Machine Size 240 *  120 *  85(cm)
 7.87  *  3.94  *  2.79(ft)
 Dipping Area Size 200 *  100 *  70(cm)
 6.56  *  3.28  *  2.3(ft)
Machine MaterialThickness =2.5mm+-0.2mm 201#Stainless Steel
Dipping Arm Material4*8 2mm thickness aluminum alloy
Dipping Arm SizeH200*80.holding frame 70*150
Dipping Arm Load-bearingElectric 200kg/pneumatic 80kg
Air Pressure Capcity150-200PSI
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Dipping arm Tsautop hydro dipping arm is suitable for dip multiple small parts one time or big items or heavy items. Hydro dipping arm The dipping arm has two types of electric and pneumatic, the electric dipping arm can bear 200kg by the speed motor or servo motor, and the pneumatic dipping arm can bear 80kg by a pneumatic cylinder. This hydro dipping Processing Arm provides consistent dipping speed and accuracy and can promote production efficiency and quality. production arm This hydro dipping arm is made of High-strength aluminum alloy and easy to assemble and install with the tank. This Dipping Arm features a Multi-Axis fixture which gives you the flexibility to modify entry points and ensures a consistent dipping angle for the duration of the entire project. The height, length, and width of the holder frame can be adjusted according to different products, so it can suitable for all sizes tanks. processing arm
Why Tusatop
We have professional Manufacturing factory for building hydro dipping equipments
Rich in variety
various sizes hydro dipping tank, hydrographics rinse tank, spray paint booth, drying oven and tunnels, Inkjet printer for blank hydrographics film,Film winding machine for rerolling hydro dipping film, fully automatic hydro dipping machine with robot dipping arm, Automated Spray Activator Systems, Continuous Flow film Machines; Whole plant equipment for hydro dipping facility.
High quality and good warranty
superb welding process and a humanized structural design. easy to install and operate. Safe and long life.
processing arm
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