TSAUTOP 4.9ft Hydro Dipping Equipment Paint Spray Booth

TSAUTOP 4.9ft Hydro Dipping Equipment Paint Spray Booth

Item No:TSPSB1200
Overall Dimensons:150*170*210(cm) / 4.92*5.57*6.89(ft)
Machine Material:Water tank thickness = 2mm ±0.2mm 201# SS, Cover 1.2mm 201 # SS
Water Recirculation System:Stainless Pump, 220V, single Phase, 50HZ, 2HP
Exhaust Fan:2HP DC Fan (3HP Centrifugal Fan is avaliable)


TSAUTOP®  Paint Spray Booth with CE certification is a simple, safe, useful, eco and efficient Hydro Dipping Equipment. It is a required equipment for the whole hydro dipping process. It is very suitable for small dipping business owners.

TSAUTOP®  Paint Spray Booth has a superb welding process and a humanized structural design. All welded parts are welded with 304 stainless steel welding wire. All the welding marks are polished to ensure no leaks. So, it can guarantee no water leakage for 5 years. TSAUTOP® Paint Spray Booth water tank is made of 2.5mm thick 201 stainless steel and the cover is made of 1.2mm 201 stainless steel, framed of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel square pipe and equipped 6pcs universal wheels and thick feet, all of these ensure that Paint Spray Booth water tank can hold enough water without deformation. Thick stainless steel can ensure to resist acid, alkali, salt and corrosion. All of these ensure TSAUTOP® Paint Spray Booth water tank long life. Certainly, if you want to save your cost, you can choose the cheaper material such as the galvanized sheet.

TSAUTOP® Paint Spray Booth is equipped low-noise, strong-flow and long-life water pump, ensure enough water flow to take away the painted fog. 1500W pump for the 2.4m tank,750w for1.2m tank, we can make the tanks with various voltages as your requirements, such as single phase 110v,220v,3phases 220v,380v or the other special voltages.

TSAUTOP® Paint Spray Booth equipped a high power and large suction exhaust fan, The power is 3000w for 2.4m booth,1500w for 1.2m booth. The diameter of the fan is 50cm for a 1.2m booth,60cm for the 2.4m booth. All of these ensure to discharge all exhaust gas, make the workstation comfortable and clean. There have a machine, workstations in 2.4m booth, and oven, the workstation for 1.2m booth

All working units are equipped with circuit breaker protection switches and emergency stop switch, ensure the safety of human and machines in the emergency. All wires are concealed and packed of protective pipe to prevent electrical leakage. All tanks have equipped earth wire to avoid electric shock.

TSAUTOP® hydrographics rinsing tank is easy to install and operate. The electrical wire connecting is simple. Each wire sticks a number, you connect the wire as the number.  We supply a detail manual book. We have a different dimensions hydrographic tank, you can choose the suitable one according to your working items.


We supply whole set water transfer printing equipment (dipping tank, washing machine, drying tunnel/ oven, spray machine)

SizeOutside Size: L: 170CM X W: 240CM X H: 200CM
washing Area L: 160CM X W: 220CM X H: 200CM
MaterialStainless SteelT=2mm+-0.2mm
Main ComponentsWater Recirculation SystemPower: 220V, Single Phase, 50HZ, 750W Head: 30m
Spray Nozzle0.8mm,4 directions 9 tubes 45pcs
Control Panel
  1. Master Power On/Off Switch
  2. Pump On/Off Switch
  3. Speed Control On/Off Switch
  4. Conveyor Motor On/Off Switch
  5. All the red and green lights needed for the switches.
Water Capacity0.5Ton 
PackagePlywood Case 
Net Wt300 KGS
Gross Wt350 KGS
Package SizeL: 190CM X W: 250CM X H: 220CM
  1. What is a spray booth?

A spray booth is an enclosed or semi-enclosed structure used for applying paint spray on an item. Manufacturers use spray booths to apply paint on fabricated parts or products.

 This enclosed structure prevents dust and other impurities from contaminating the air inside when spraying.  When dust and other particles are allowed onto the item being sprayed, it can affect its final finish.

The spray booth has inlet fans that draw air into the enclosed structure. It also has an outlet chamber with fans that extracts the air to the surroundings. The air blown into the spray booth captures and expels harmful vapor generated during spraying to give the paint sprayer clean air to breathe. This ensures the safety of the paint sprayer and the people around.

The filters in its outlet chamber prevent harmful particles from escaping into the surroundings.

  1. What are the benefits of spray booths?

Spray booths ensure a safe working environment during spraying. It ensures you do not inhale harmful vapor and impurities during spraying.  This is achieved by the following process:  

The spray booth first moves air into the working chamber through an inlet chamber fan. The air captures impurities, dried paint, and other toxic vapor. The air together with the impurities is passed through an outlet chamber that has filters. The filters filter the air before expelling it to the environment. This process ensures the safety of the painter.

 Spray booths protect the object being sprayed from contaminants thereby ensuring a good finish.

  1. What are the types of spray booths?

There are four main types of spraying booths. The main difference between them is the way air flows in the spray booth. The four types of spray booth are:

  • Cross draft spray booth
  • Semi downdraft spray booth
  • Side draft spray booth
  • Downdraft spray booth

Cross Draft Spray Booth

The cross draft spray is designed such that air flows across the object you are spraying. This spray is very economical but has some disadvantages. It is difficult to clean. Also, there is a higher chance of contaminants entering the spray booth to affect the final finish of the item being sprayed.   

Semi Downdraft Spray Booth

In this spray booth, air travels from an input area in the ceiling to an exhaust area at the other end of the booth.

Side Draft Spray Booth

The side draft spray booth is designed such that air travels from an input area in the ceiling to an exhaust area along both sides of the booth.

Downdraft Spray Booth

In the downward spray booth, air enters the booth through an input area in the ceiling and leaves through an exhaust area at the bottom.

  1. How much is a paint booth?

The price of the spray booth varies. The price depends on the type and size. An open front spray booth is the most affordable and it costs around $2000. Medium-sized spray booths cost between $15000 to $20000A very big spray booth with a complex filtration system can cost around $100,000.

Why do spray booths operate at negative pressure?

The operating pressure of the spray booth should be slightly lower than its surrounding. This is to allow clean air to move from the surrounding into the booth. When this happens, we say the spray booth is operating at a “negative pressure”.

  1. What are the parts of a spraying booth?

The spraying booth has the following major components

  • Airflow fans
  • Exhaust fans
  • Filters
  • Air regulators
  • Electric motors
  • Fan belts and fan blades
  • Heating units and burners
  • Ductwork
  • Control board and burner
  • Electrical components and control panels
  • Light fixtures
  • Doors, hinges, and latches
  • Accessories
  • Protective coatings
  1. How often should paint booth filters be changed?

There is no specific time to change the spray booth filters. It depends on the workload and the environment of the spray booth. You need to follow the recommendations of the spray booth to change your filters.

Generally, it is advisable to change your spray booth filters every 2 weeks. This will help your exhaust fans to work efficiently and to ensure clean air flows to your work station.

  1. Why spray booth filters should be inspected and renewed regularly?

This will help the inlet and exhaust fans to remove harmful elements efficiently when spraying. This will give you access to clean air to breathe and keep you safe.  

  1. What are the features of TSAUTOP’s hydrographic spray booth tanks?

TSAUTOP’s hydrographic spray booth is used for two main purposes during hydro-dropping.

First, it is used when spraying primer on hydro dipped items. This ensures maximum adhesion of the hydrographic patterns on the item.

Secondly, our spray booth is used when applying paint finish on hydro dipped items.

Our hydrographic spray booth is constructed with 304 stainless steel wire through an excellent welding process. All welded parts of our tank are professionally and expertly polished to guarantee no water leakages for 5 years.

It is built with a 2mm thick 201 stainless steel and it has a 5mm steel sheet cover. It is enclosed with a 2mm thick 304 stainless steel square pipe.  This makes our spraying booth tank super strong.

 It has high powered motors, efficient air regulators, and high-performance inlet and outlet fans. This ensures efficient removal of harmful vapor during spraying. You will feel super safe when you use our spray booths.

TSAUTOP’s spray booth is designed to give you an excellent finish when spraying. It makes spraying super easy and simple.

Our hydrographic spray booth is suitable for medium industrial dipping business owners.

  1. Are TSAUTOP’s hydrographic spray booths safe?

Yes, our  TSAUTOP’s hydrographic spray booths are super safe.

Our spray booth has a safe electric box and wire installation.  The wires are well covered and enclosed in a protective pipe to eliminate leakage of electric power. It is also connected to earth wires to eliminate electric shock.

Circuit breakers and emergency stops are professionally installed on all rinsing tanks to guarantee the safety of operators and other users.

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