TSAUTOP Illusion Hydrographic Film cover all kinds of popular Illusion hydro dipping Film Patterns, such as Armageddon, BADGE AND GUN, Bermese Kush, Blue Bubbles, Blood Splatter, Chain Link, Circuit Board, Dead Guns, Deadpool, Eagle, Haunted Fish, Horse Power, Lacy Lady, Mini Money, Oil Spill, Pixel Camo, Skull Fingers, and so on.

We have 500+ Illusion hydro dipping patterns, there must be hydro dip designs that will meet your unique concealment requirements. All patterns are made by fine plate, so the lines is very clear and slim. The effect is very real, like true metal.

All patterns can be applied to water transfer printing, Diy Hydro Dipping, Hydrographic Dipping, Hydrographic Printing, Hydro Coating, hydro dipping rims, hydro dipping wheels , hydro dipping helmet , hydro dipped motorcycle , hydro dipping car parts, hydro dipping dashboard, hunting and outdoor recreation, military/tactical/law enforcement, sports items, foot wear, cosmetics, bicycle, electronics, eye wear. ceramics, furniture.

TSAUTOP can develop your Hydro Dip Designs, make custom hydrographic film.

 If you want more designs, please download my dropbox catalog.

Illusion Hydrographic Film

Besides TSAUTOP can supply blank hydrographic film for the inkjet printer, you can use this printable hydrographic film for printing your hydrographic designs.

Why Tusatop

we have 12 years of Carbon Fiber Hydro Dip Film manufacturing experience

High quality PVA film imported from Japan, the thickness 35-40μ,high quality durable and consistent ink with UV resistance.

Printed by 8 colors  gravure printing machinery, High definition pattern.

We will ship the order after payment in 2-3 days

20,000+ hydro dipping patterns,30 new hydro dip designs per month. The most popular patterns are all in stock.

We can also print your own hydrographic film in 7-10working days,please send us design

We provide you Water Transfer  Printing skill training, Helpful advises.

TSCR8071A Illusion Diy Hydrodip
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