Blank Hydrographic Film

TSAUTOP blank Hydrographic Film is blank water transfer printing film for inkjet printer.This blank Hydrographic Film is different from normal printed hydro dipping film.

The Blank hydrographic film with white base paper is the earliest type from TSAUTOP, and this blank film needs to be store in the dark and cool room, avoid to sunlight and excessive wet situation. If you don’t protect the white blank hydro dip film well, then this white blank film can’t work well.

TSAUTOP promotes the second blank hydrographic dip film – transparent blank water transfer printing film with transparent PET base paper, it will not attach with the top PVA layer film under the excessive drying situation. 

Blank hydro dip film is used for the inkjet printer, you can print your own design on the blank film by inkjet printer, and the ink is water-based pigment ink. If you don’t have this type of printer or ink,TSAUTOP also provides hydro dip printer and water baser pigment hydro dip ink.


1. TSAUTOP BLANK HYDROGRAPHIC FILM is made from the 30-40μm thick transparent blank printable hydrographic film with high-quality 150gsm primer paper or PET , ensure to be enough thick and hard to be printed . 

2. TSAUTOP BLANK HYDROGRAPHIC FILM has a Specialized coating layer for good ink acceptance ensuring instant drying . 

3. TSAUTOP BLANK HYDROGRAPHIC FILM need to spray activator A for fastening image on the film and easily activating in the water . Then spaying activator B for hydro dipping after A drying . 

4. TSAUTOP BLANK HYDROGRAPHIC FILM prints any images without developing a printing plate, and can transfer that image onto nearly any substrate . So Blank Hydrographic Film is very suitable for customizing and making printing sample . 

5. TSAUTOP blank Hydrographic Film covers 1.27*50/100/250m , 1.27*50m , 0.21*10/20m , 0.3*10/20m , 0.42*10/20m , 0.6*10/20m , A3/A4/A2/A1 size or your custom size. 6. TSAUTOP BLANK HYDROGRAPHIC FILM can be printed by standard inkjet printer with pigment-based ink , such as EPSON , CANON , HP . You can print your any designs on Blank Hydrographic Film and do water transfer printing that you like .

How to pack, transport and store blank hydrographic film?

hydrographics dipping film manufacturer from China

The main component of the blank hydrographic film is PVA film ( Polyvinyl Alcohol ) , so it has strong dehydration and water absorption . It is not suitable for exposure to excessive moisture or excessive drying, and it has strict requirements for packaging , transportation , and storage . Don’t open until ready to use to prevent contact with the air . Don’t store near water or in the room where your dip tank is located . Regarding the packing , we pack the blank hydrographic film with 3 layers packing material after producing , the price is pp bag , the second layer is aluminum foil and the upper is craft paper with sealed tape , ensuring the film not to become dry or humid . We produce and deliver the blank hydrographic film by FedEx , UPS after getting your payment in 3days . We will not remain much stock long time ensuring high-quality . Blank hydrographic film roll should store in the cool and dark room with the original packing . Avoid direct sunlight .


Blank hydrographic film sheets need to lay down the film and up the back paper , put it together one by one sheet for the weight to keep the film from curling . Don’t fold , crumple , crush or wet this film .

DIY Hydro Dipping project
  • Film Storage: 18-25°C – 64.4-77.0°F   
  •  Humidity: 50-70%
  • Optimum temperature: 21.5°C – 70.7°F
  • If the film is too dry , you need to increase the humidity , or you need to reduceI

How to use TSAUTOP Blank hydrographic film

1. Design the patterns in your computer , all image format is acceptable , but ensuring all image clear and high-quality .

2. Print your pattern onto the blank hydrographics film . Make sure the shiny side is up ! You must print the pattern at Mirror output model, or your pattern will be an inverse image on the substrate .

blank hydro dipping film

The pattern must be printed on using an inkjet printer loaded with pigment based inks  ( see our list of recommended printers ) . Dye , solvent , eco-solvent and latex type of inks will not work on this film – nor will laser toner printers .

pigment-based ink

3. After your printed pattern comes out of the printer , you’ll need to use the tapes to stick the edges of the film , avoid the film curling .

Then spray Activator A ( you can get it from my company ) onto it . Spray enough of this liquid to fully and evenly coat the picture ; don’t to soak it… The newly sprayed print pattern will need to air dry at least 10 minutes . If you want to dip quickly , you can use a hair dryer to make it dry in 2-3minutes .

A activator fro blank water transfer printing

The blank hydrographics film can’t be successfully used without Activator A. You will not get satisfactory results in the form of color saturation and print quality without Activator A. When the film is placed on water , it will be activated in an uncontrolled way without the use of activator A.

4. Clean and Degrease your item. Before proceeding, make sure the part is dry and free of dust.

5. Prime the part you plan on dipping. If plastic such as PP, PC, PS, PVC, PA ( Nylon ) use CPO primer , but the primer must match with the material ( this is a primer used to promote adhesion on plastic surfaces and can be purchased at any paint supplier ) any brand will do.

If using on bare metal , we suggest using DuPont etch primer ; then go over with a primer sealer , and then start with your basecoat. Let the item dry at least three hours but not more than six . If you have a drying oven or microwave oven , you can put them into for 15-20minutes at 65℃。


6. You’ll need a base coat of paint on the item .

The common base paint type is for wooden grain(yellow,red,Amber red , mud red , mud yellow),flower print ( white ) , carbon fiber ( black , gold , silver , red , blue , pink , purple ). Certainly, the base coating must match with the main color of hydro dipping film and the items.

Usually , the color is one of the colors in the print – but that is up to the dipper…  Just be sure to use a good quality acrylic paint !

7. Use TSAUTOP DIY hydro dipping tank with dividers or a container about the same size in length and width as the blank hydrographics film you’re using ( example: if your film is 8.5 x 11 inches ; the ideal size container would be 9 x 11.5 ) . Most importantly – make sure your container is deep enough to fully submerge the entire part and be careful not to bang your object onto the bottom or side of the tank when dipping .

If you are using a hydro dipping tank that is larger than your blank hydrographics film, you’ll need to use some masking tape around the blank hydrographics film to control the expansion. We do not cut the corners for relief expansion , but that is up to you… There are tons of videos on YouTube showing this procedure.

8. Fill DIY hydro dipping tank with normal water .  The water temperature must be between 77-95 °F or 25-35 °C.  Use a thermometer or some tank has a digital thermostat ! If the water is too cold, the film will dissolve too slowly . Too warm too quickly.

 Keep in mind that water temperatures & thermometer readings may vary due to different elevations. You’ll need to play around a bit for the best temperature for your area .

9. Carefully remove the paper backing from the blank hydrographics film .

10. Gently place the blank hydrographics film onto the vat of water ( INK SIDE UP )– do it slowly and on the angle to keep from trapping air bubbles under the film. The blank hydrographics film will immediately ruck – but will slowly disperse . If air bubbles are noticed , try to gently blow them out.  Do not touch the floating blank hydrographics film.

10. Once the film is on the water – wait 60 to 80 seconds until the blank hydrographics film is completely tiled on the surface of the water . You can see that the film is fully soluble in the water .

11. Then spray the floating film with activator B ( common activator ). Spray an even amount of this activator B onto the floating film and allow the activator to work for 5-15 seconds. 

B activator used for hydro dipping water transfer printing process

Note: When you spray activator , your spray gun is 30-35cm from the surface of the water , make sure the pressure and the liquid atomization is the best . You can test the gun beside the tank . Usually , 1liter activator B can spray 35-45sqm hydrographics film .

12. After spraying the activator B  – slowly and steadily dip the item through the film .  Do this by holding the item in an area which will not be covered .

Enter the water at an approximate 35 to 45-degree angle (depending on the shape of items) . Ensure that the contact surface of the object with water is minimal , in order to avoid bubble generation .

Once through the film – gently shake the item below the water level to separate the remaining film on top – so you won’t get it on the item when you come back up . Continue slowly and gently shaking the item while submerged in the water for about 30 seconds more .

13. Then rinse it off under moving water or high-pressure water gun or rinse station for 3-5 minutes until all shiny residue on the part is gone and the item is dull without shine .

If you touch the surface without sticking it , it means it has been rinsed out . Do not rub the item . Allow slow moving water to do it for you .

14. After all shiny residue has been removed by the rinsing process . Set item aside and allow to completely air dry , or use a hair dryer to dry in 3-5minutes .

15. When fully dried – you must clear coat the item to protect the dip . Depending on the item you are working on -you may want to consider your options about flat , semi-gloss , or gloss finishes for the final clear coat .

If using in a place that may be exposed to high temperatures 60-70℃ 45minutes for plastic, 100-120℃ 45minutes for metal . 

Why Tusatop

we have 12 years of Carbon Fiber Hydro Dip Film manufacturing experience

High quality PVA film imported from Japan, the thickness 35-40μ,high quality durable and consistent ink with UV resistance.

Printed by 8 colors  gravure printing machinery, High definition pattern.

We will ship the order after payment in 2-3 days

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