Hydro Dipping Projects

Hydro Dipping Projects

hydro dipping gun

TSAUTOP® Hydrographics is a one-stop solutions manufacturer and supplier, specialized in the field of water transfer printing. Hydro dipping technology is applying to various products and popular all over the world. More and more people want to hydro dip their products in order to make them unique.

We can hydro dip various products, such as hydro dipping shoes, hydro dipping guns, hydro dip tumbler, hydro dipping rims, hydro dip cups, hydro dipped wheels, hydro dip motorcycle, hydro dip helmet, hydro dipping sneakers, hydro dipped guitar, hydro dipping bottles, hydro dipping bow, hydro dipping cosmetics packing, hydro dipped phone case, shotgun camo dipping, hydro dipping toys, hydro dipping kitchen tools, hydro dipping furniture, hydro dipping curtain parts, hydro dipping crafts, hydro dip valve cover, hydro dipping cleats, hydro dipped football helmets, hydro dip outdoors, hydro dip goggles, hydro dip bow, hydro dipping auto parts, DIY hydro dipping, and other items that they need to be dipped.

So if you have a magic idea for booming your products, and want to make your own designs for your new products, contact us freely. TSAUTOP will be pleased to make a sample and production for you. We have a hydro dipping lab and facilities for hydro dipping your products.


  • How Tsautop hydro dipping film boom your bussiness

    20,000+ Patterns
    30+ New Patterns / Month
    Fast Sample
    Development Offer 7-10 Days
    10+ Years
    Manufacturing Experience
    Large Stock
    Fast Delivery

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