TSAUTOP Hydro Dipping Cups

Inkjet Printer With 6 Color inks For Blank Hydrographic film

Color:various color, custom patterns
Feature:Water transfer printing
Stretch rate:antiscratch
Resistant:water, dirt, grease, salt, weak acids oil
Adhesive:plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, stone, resin,ceramics,pvc,steel,glass

TSAUTOP Hydro Dipping Cups

PatternCarbon Fiber, Skull, Camouflage ,Wooden, Marble& Stone, , Animal
Skin, Cartoon, Royalty Pattern, Metal, flower, Designs
TechnologyWater Transfer Printing
Printing SizeSmall, Middle, Big, Super Large  various sizes
LOGOSilk-Screen, Water Dipping
Printing ShapeRound, Flat, Square, Irregular.curved surface
CertificationRoHS, FDA,SGS
Printing MaterialMetal, Wood, Marble, ABS, PC, PP, PVC, PU, PE, TPU, EVA, PET, PBT, TPR, PPS, Kevlar fiber, Poly, Resin, Nylon, Silicone, Cement, Stone, Plastic, Glass etc.
Processing TypeCustomer’s Specify  pattern for Dipping
FeatureEnvironmentally friendly,Novelty
Our CustomersBuilding materials company, cosmetic company, Electrical company, Toy company, Auto company, crafts company, Household goods company etc.
Model NumberCustomizable
PriceConfirm after printing samples
MarketAsia, China, Middle East, Europe, North America, south America, Africa
Packing customizable, Carton

Water Transfer Printing Description

Water transfer printing is a kind of special transfer printing technology, specifically for the irregular, uneven surface. 

Traditional transfer printing is helpless on the complex surface of the work piece, and water transfer that face this problem is significantly relaxed. This process can be applied to a variety of materials. 

As long as the surface can be painted, water transfer is suitable. 

This technology on decorative products can greatly improve the added value of the products, because of vivid pattern and color. This transfer technology can be referred to as the twenty-first Century revolution of the transfer printing technology.

Water Transfer Printing Principle

Water transfer printing is a special process of water soluble film as the medium. Firstly print pattern color in the thin film, then place it on the surface of the water.

 The ink of colorful patterns is evenly transfer and adhesion on the surface of the product under water pressure, and the film is dissolved in the water. After cleaning and drying, then spray a layer of transparent protective topcoat, last this product is like wearing a beautiful coat , show a very different kind of beautiful visual effect.

Water Transfer Printing Processing

Hydro Dipping Process

Water Transfer Printing Application

Steering wheel, Electronics, Toy, Phone, Mouse, 

Clock, keyboard, Hair dryer, Table, Cabinet, Ashtray,

 Helmet, Pen, Vase, Bottle, Lighting, Air cleaner, Glasses, Wall, 

Ceiling, Cable, Shoe, Heel, Sole, Vamp, Cosmetic, Kitchen, Packing, 

Door, Floor, Window, Handle, Furniture, Pen, Gift, Remote controller, 

Truck, Toilet. Metal, Wood, Marble, ABS, PC, PP, PVC, PU, PE, TPU, 

EVA, PET, PBT, TPR, PPS, Kevlar fiber, Poly, Resin, Nylon, Silicone, Cement, 

Stone, Plastic, Glass .

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