How to Remove Hydro Dip

Hydro Dip is a technology that transfers patterns to objects of different materials through water transfer technology. Hydro Dip is widely used in various industries, including automobiles, electronic products, home furnishings, etc. It can help your objects achieve decorative and protective effects. When you are enjoying the process of making Hydro Dip or are learning, and encountering problems such as pattern wear and redesign, finding the right way to remove the Hydro Dip film without damaging the object’s surface is crucial.

Methods to Remove Hydro Dip Prints

● Chemical Solvents

Using chemical solvents (acetone, denatured alcohol, paint thinner, etc.) is one of the common methods to remove Hydro Dip film. It effectively and quickly dissolves the water transfer patterns.

● Mechanical Polishing

Using tools like sandpaper is also a common method. However, care must be taken to avoid scratching the surface.

Removal Techniques for Different Materials

○ Metal materials

Metal materials have strong chemical resistance and wear resistance. You can use acetone to wipe the surface, wait for it to penetrate and dissolve the film, and then wipe it with a clean rag. You can also use sandpaper to polish the object’s surface after removing the Hydro Dip film.

○ Plastic material

Acetone can be used for plastic materials, which can soften the film and make it easy to fall off. But avoid excessive use to prevent damage to the plastic surface.

○ Wood material

Wood material can be removed by using denatured alcohol, applying it to the surface of the object, and wiping it with a rag until the pattern is removed.

○ Glass material

Hydro Dip film can be removed from glass material using acetone.

○ Ceramic material

Water transfer can be removed from ceramic material using paint thinner.

Post-Removal Work

● Surface Cleaning

After removing the Hydro Dip film, residues or impurities may remain on the surface. Thoroughly rinse with clean water to avoid affecting the final result of subsequent operations.

● Surface Repair

If the item’s surface is damaged during the removal of the Hydro Dip film, it can be smoothed with sandpaper. If necessary, apply primer for treatment.


According to the above methods, you can help to remove Hydro Dip film from different materials in different ways, making your next operation worry-free.

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