Why have strict requirement for dipping item cleaning

Why have strict requirement for dipping item cleaning ?

If you are intent to do hydrographic dipping for an item at home , the first thing is to prepare grease and hydro dipping dip-kit ( hydrographic ink dip kit ) for cleaning this item thoroughly  , because the water transfer printing technology require item have a high standard of cleanliness without any grime and water .

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Grease is used to soak the original part with stubborn stain for cleaning this part better .

 Hydro dipping dip kit usually watching with a Scotch pad as well as a piece of  damp or  arid abrasive paper with 800 grits, can be used to lightly scuff  the part you are dipping , so that the primer can be bonded with this part , which is essential for our next hydrographic dipping process.

In order to avoid your fingermark leaving on the part to influence final effect of water transfer printing  , please do not forget  to wear latex gloves when you are cleaning the item . In this process , you are not allow to touch items to be printed . This is to prevent any grease from getting onto the item from your fingers , which affects the result of the painting reaction .

Hydrographic rinsing tank for cleaning hydro dipping itemOf course , if you work from hydrographic business , and you want to clean your product for bulk , thus you should have a automatic Hydro rinsing tank to do save your production time and human labors .

If you are interested in hydro dipping , or you want to realize our products , please feel free to contact us .

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