ECO-SOLVENT ink for blank hydrographics film

A New Custom Hydro Dipping Solution

A New Custom Hydro Dipping Solution for Blank hydrographic film printing – Say goodbye to activator A

Transfer ink-Simplify blank hydrographic film

Tsautop is hydro dip products supplier , mainly manufacture and supply water transfer printing film , blank pva film and water transfer printing dipping tank for wholesale price . Now Tsautop launch a new ink for water ink transfer printer , if you use our latest printing ink , you don’t need activator A any more after you print your blank film .  Blank hydrographic film is a kind of custom hydrographic film , mainly use of our customer printing their own design , transferring on the items via water ink transfer printing  process , widely used in shoes , wheel , craft , part , phone , cup , hat , gift and any other object can be printed . All the time , Tsautop always provide custom blank film printing service for our customer , so they can print their own pattern design on the paper ,  transfer their pattern on items via supplying activator A and doing water transfer printing . That custom print service help many small dipping business store have their own pattern feature ,  increase their competitiveness compared with other hydro print store . By the long developing time goes by, Tsautop has launched a new blank film print way to simplify traditional complicated water transfer printing process of custom hydro ink blank film . In the past , the process of custom blank film hydrographics print is these steps as below: Hydro Dipping Process

  1. Please prepare high quality pattern design image , good transfer print effect depends on high quality image you provide .
  2. Choose several relative color ink for your printer according to your image .
  3. Check out whether inkjet printer can work normal , then connect this hydrographic film printer with your computer , find out printed image on the computer .
  4. Print your own hydrographic film .
  5. Spray activator A on water transfer printing paper , let printed paper can be supplied on hydro dipping .
  6. Supply activator A on blank , so that this printed paper become a real wtp film .
  7. This blank film has became water transfer printing film , you can transfer this diy water transfer printing film on your item via hydro dipping process.

These are all steps of custom hydro dip patterns , Tsautop think about that maybe our customer want a easier way to print their diy custom hydro dip patterns , so we launch a new ink for hydro dipping printer .  If you use Tsautop printing ink for printing blank paper , your printing steps will be simplified as below:

  1. High resolution pattern picture .
  2. Select all of color in your picture , and prepare printing ink for all of these color .
  3. Combine pva film printer with laptop , open the picture on the computer .
  4. Begin to print hydro film patterns on blank film .
  5. Take use of this custom water transfer printing paper to do hydro dipping .

We will find out latest print ink is a combination of normal printing ink and activator A , make our customized water transfer blank film easier than before . In additional ,  compared with conventional blank film printing  , latest ink make printed transfer paper clearer , support colorful complex image design . If you want to know more details about our transfer ink or you are interested in our products , please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your meassage for us , we will contact you sooner .


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