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Congratulate Tsautop pass TUV cetification

On Dec 18, 2012, this is a exciting date, Tsautop passed TUV cetification from Alibaba.

tsautop hydro dipping certificates

TUV certification needs many of files and hydrographics production video to prove our hydro dip equipment and water transfer printing film supply capacity .

TSAUTOP® Hydrographics  made a lot of preparation for kinds of materials that TUV certification needs. In addition to some Ce cetification and some our hydro printing manufacturer cetificates, we also need to take a photograph of  video about our hydrographic dipping factory and sales team.

tsautop hydro dipping solution office

Maybe you think it is easy to make a video, only needs people, factory and some time.  But not for Tsautop @ hydrographics.

Congratulate Tsautop pass TUV cetification

TSAUTOP@ hydrographics has experienced two relocations because of too expensive rent, so our water transfer printing solution factory is far away from our office.  We brought Alibaba photographers to visit our hydro dipping company and to shoot the work environment and warehouse firstly.

tsautop hydrographic film warehouse

Then we are tend to shoot our hydrographic dip machine factory.

In order to take a full picture of the hydrographic coatings factory and the production of water transfer printing equipment, we walk around our hydro dip printing equipment factory and record process of the hydro dipping equipment, guns & hydrographic film printer production as well as hydro dipping process as video.

For hydro dipping process , we also personally operated the hydro dipping machine , transferred two caps, and recorded them as a video as a factory-verified video.

tsautop details video

If you want to do hydrographic business with TSAUTOP, and boom your hydrographic dipping business , please don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you and be your strong support on the way of hydo dipping .

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