hydro dipping scooter water transfer printing film

What application for hydro dipping?

The hydrographic film is a kind of medium to print personalized image patterns on the hydro dipping object.

In the water dipping film market, many people do DIY hydro dipping at home, even many of them are first to do the DIY hydrographic film.

Thus the hydro dip is not difficult to learn, and many of TSAUTOP water graphics film customers do liquid water transfer at home for phone case dipping, gun hydro dip, car rim hubs dipping, dashboard wooden hydrographic printing, etc.

It seems like hydro dipping can be used in many objects in our lives, which material can be transfer via water transfer printing film and which material can not be printed.

flag hydro dipping application

What practical products can do water transfer printing?

Water transfer printing dip can be applied to the following products:

Automotive products:

Dashboard hydro dipping, instrument panel hydro dipping, control panel hydro dipping, paper towel tray hydro dipping, teacup holder hydro dipping, tape holder hydro dipping, rearview frame hydro dipping, the operation handle hydro dipping, car lock graphics dipping, motorcycle hydrographic dipping, bike hydro dipping, rim hydro dipping, etc.

rim hubs and scooter hydro dipping

Hydrographic films can be supplied on automotive products, and if you do successful hydrographic dipping on the object, this pattern will not fall off even the temperature gets higher when you start your motorcycle with hydro dip patterns.

● Electronic products:

Scooter hydro dipping, telephone hydro paint, pager water dipping, video recorders hydrographic, stereos dip, remote controls water graphics, mice liquid transfer, clocks liquid dipping, keyboards water dipping, cameras hydro dipping, hairdryers dip, etc .;

●  Living room supplies:

hydro graphics dipping for sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, chandeliers, ashtrays, vases, and decorative containers;

● Daily necessities:

WTP for luggage decoration, tableware Handle, glasses case, pen, pen holder, calendar stand, art photo frame, racket, hair accessory, makeup pen, makeup case, etc .;

daily necessaries hydrographic transfer printing

●  Interior building materials:

doors and windows, flooring, wall stickers, etc.

●  Business application:

Cosmetic Packing liquid dipping, household items dipping.

Similarly, the above products can also be quickly processed through the water transfer film! The marble-like WTP film is particularly realistic and widely used in architecture!

Which materials are allowed to do the transfer hydro dipping?

Tsautop is a leading hydrographic wtp film supplier, a hydro dipping tank manufacturer, provides kinds of hydro dipping film pattern and semi-automatic hydro dipping tank & full-automatic hydrographic machine in the worldwide.

If you are interested in the hydro dipping industry or want to begin a hydrographic business, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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