hydro dip for full body of motorcycle

What is Hydro dipping ?

What is hydro dipping ?

Water transfer printig is a type of print technology , in which hydro dip paper transfer its colorful pattern on the items via taking use of water as a dissolving medium .  Perfect print effect makes hydro printing popular in the daily necessities market , there are many applications in our life such as below .

Applications of hydrographics :

  1. Car accessories : instrument panel , control panel , paper towel tray , tea cup holder , tape holder , rear view frame , operating handle , car lock , etc.
  2. Electronic products : telephone , pager , video recorder , audio , remote control , mouse , clock , keyboard , camera , hair dryer , etc.
  3. Room supplies : sofas , coffee tables , cabinets , chandeliers , ashtrays , vases , display containers , etc.
  4.  Daily use products : luggage decoration , tableware handle , glasses case , pen , pen holder , desk calendar , art photo frame , racket , hair accessories , makeup pen , cosmetic case , etc.
  5.  Indoor building materials : doors and windows , floors , wall panels , etc.

 Materials in which water transfer printing is suitable to supply

  1. Ceramic . Water transfer print film can be transferred on ceramic tableware, ceramic water tools and other daily-use ceramics . Ceramic material for water transfer printing film
  2. Glass . Glass cup , glass bottles , advertising cups , all kinds of glass containers and decorative glass can be printed via water dip painting .
  3. Helmet . Hydrographics dipping is widely used in the surface of motorcycle helmets and helmets .hydro dipping for motorcycle helmets and helmets
  4.  Sport goods supplying . Such as logo and signs of tennis rackets or fishing rods . Hydrographic water transfer film make it easier to have your own logo for your sport goods .
  5. Metal pipe fittings . Such as custom pattern printing or text on bicycles , motorcycle pipe fittings . I believe a bicycle with camouflage painting will catch the attention on the street .hydro dip for full body of motorcycle
  6. Printing on the surface of the toy car model . If your kids have special favourite cartoon or superman image , we also provide custom pattern water transfer printing film for you .hydro dip for surface of the toy car model
  7. Printing wood flower on furniture . If you like wood style , wood wtp film is suitable for your house decoration .wood flower pattern water transfer printing for furniture
  8. Other objects that are difficult to print directly . In a word , hydrographic dipping film can paint many items that normal printing can not print .

Water transfer printing techonlogy

Water transfer printing film is an ultra thin film with pattern , can be dissolved in water after you supply activator B on it , with a high stretchable feature in water , easily wrap around the surface of product to form a graphic layer under the water pressure , then products will be painted a pattern from hydrographic dipping film via hydro dipping process .

Whatever camo dip patterns , skull flame dip patterns , carbon fiber dip film, animal pattern or wood pattern , all of them can be painted on products even it is on the hollow place . So hydrographic film is a good choice to print a 3D pattern for many people , if you have problem for our products , or you are interested in hydrographics dipping business , please don’t hesistate to contact us by this contact form , we will reply you as soon as possible .

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