hydro dipping vs baking painting

Water transfer printing vs baking paint?

hydro dipping vs baking painting

Water transfer printing?

The hydrographic film is made of nanomaterial film and special environmental protection ink, paints images on the items via water medium.

Thus, the technical advantages of hydro dipping are that hydro aqua dipping doesn’t require special equipment in the dipping transfer process, no limitation in medium, no need special consumables, and does not need high-temperature heating.

DIY hydro dipping at home is available and no need more cost for some hydrographic dipping machine.

daily necessaries hydrographic transfer printing

Of course, customized hydro dipping film is available too.

You only need a laptop connected with your inkjet printer or Tsautop blank hydrographic film printer, and then print your own design on the blank hydrographic film with our special hydro dip ink.

You also can use normal ink with your inkjet hydro dip printer, then you need to supply activator A for the printed wtp film to protect the ink so that this printed hydrographic film can do camo hydro dipping the same as the normal water transfer aqua print film.

After printing, you can get a high-quality colorful water transfer printing film. And do hydrographic dipping for your cup, shoes, scooter, rim, dashboard, and anything you want.

Baking Painting

About baking varnishes, the piano baking varnish is the most expensive and has the best decorative effect, with advantages of high decorative effect, hard surface, wear-resistant, bright, full, and good adhesion.

Paint temperature needs 140°C-180°C, high temperature of baking paint needs 280°C-400°C.

But in terms of cost and price, paint is more expensive than hydro dipping.

For now, I think you know more about piano painting and camo hydrographic dip, and choose a suitable way to do the painting. If you are interested in hydro dipping, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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