Hydrographic dipping is full of people’s life

Why hydrographic dipping

In life, we always have access to printing such as drawing printing , house printing , shoes painting or ceramics crafts and so on . Printing technology makes our life more colorful , printing decoration always is full of our life , such as ceiling water print , vase painting , cup picture dip , motorcycle helmet dipping and furniture pattern printing , so whether we are stay at house , work in the office or go shopping in the mall , we all have a good visual experience . In a word , printing is unable to be separated from our life .

With the increasing of irregular complicated shapes , it becomes more difficult of printing decoration , traditional printing technology has not met people’s print requirements , then hydrographic dipping technology occurs into printing market for solving a series of complicated print problem .

Hydro dipping is in line with market demands

Hydrographic dipping also named water transfer printing , is a type of printing in which a transfer paper / transfer film with a color pattern is transferred onto product by using water as a dissolving medium . With the enhancement of people’s requirements in product packaging and decoration , hydrographic dipping printing teconology has become more widespread , are mainly used for printing surface image of various product with irregular complicated configuration .

We are professional hydrographic dipping machine supplier from China , providing water transfer film with various color image pattern and high quality hydro dipping equipment for an affordable price . Of course , if you want to print your own cool image design on your product , we also provide personal customized hydrograohic service for our customers to making a special hydrographic dipping film according to their design . If you are eager to know more about our product or you still have any question of water transfer printing after you read this article ,  please feel free to contact us for more details .

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