Full Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine – Release your Hands & Enhance your Production

If you want to boom your small hydrographic dipping business  ,  maybe you should employ more huma labor. If you employ  tiros with a low salary cost , then you must teach them how to do hydro dipping , what is hydrographic dip and how should they do about your hydro dipping business . 

There is no doubt it will waste more time to train your employees . 

hydro dipping fpr huge production by full automatic hydro printing equipment

Then you can choose to employ someone with hydro dipping exprience directly , but the high salary cost also annoyed you .

It seems everything is not easy to develope your hydro dip business and everything with high cost .

full automatic hydro dipping tank-from Tsautop manufacturer  

Tsautop is one stop solution supplier / manufactuerer for hydro dipping. 

We have done a research and development for fully-automatic hydrographic dipping water transfer equipment , with auto constant temperature system , auto film flowing  system , automatic activator B supply system , auto hydro dip robot arm , auto fliter system , water cycle . 

Full automatic hydro dipping printing equipment with dipping robot arm

Full automatic hydro dipping printing equipment with dipping robot arm

One person can opreate this Automatic hydro printing equipment to work normally .

One person + one equipment = factory .

Auto Constant Tempertature System

Some hydrographic enthusiast know that the best working temperature of water transfer printing process is at range 20℃-25℃ .

So if you want to do a good hydro dipping during a long time , you must keep your water temperature in a suitable range

automatic constant temperature system for full automatic hydrographic equipment

So automatic temperature system is necessary for huge production.

Automatic Film Flowing System


Film Flowing system includes 4 parts , Film Installation Shaft , Film Lift-up Shaft , Film Flowing Shaft and Heating Cutter .

Automatic film flowing system

We can realize something from the name of these parts . Auto lay down the film on the water and slide it on the tank slowly , cut it in a setting length.

Automatic Activator Spary System

Auto activator supply system includes automatic spary gun , air pressure controller and high pressure activator storage tank as below in the image .

Activator Spraying system for full automatic hydro dip tank

They are very useful for many hydro dipping production once , enhance the work efficiency , operate easily .

In a word , if you want to boom your hydro dipping business , there is no doubt you should have one full automatic hydrographic dip printing equipment . 

So please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about our hydro dipping tank or leave message for us , we will contact you as soon as possible .