How To Make Custom Hydro Dip Film

Water transfer printing is an infinitely creative and simple process. Before hydro dipping, we need to select or customize a suitable water transfer printing film pattern for the item. In this article, we will tell you how to make a customized water transfer printing film. The right water-impregnated film will add a different charm to your items.

1. Understand the process of water transfer printing

The first step in making a custom water transfer printing film is to understand the water transfer printing process and what is required in the water transfer printing process.

2. Custom-designed water transfer printing membrane

Each merchant has hundreds of pre-designed patterns, but you can also choose to custom design the pattern you want, so what do you need to do when you need to custom design your unique pattern?

a. Prepare all the tools needed for custom hydro dip film printing

PVA blank film, inkjet printer, activator A, these tools are necessary if you want to design a customized water transfer printing film yourself.

b. Design the pattern and size you want

Design the corresponding size according to the size you want. For example: if you want the size to be 1m*1m, the set pattern size should also be 1m*1m. If the picture size does not reach 1m*1m, you can stitch the pictures.

c. Print the designed hydro dip film

After designing the pattern, it is recommended that you test it first by printing a small part to see if the printed color is what you want. If it is not suitable, you can replace the ink or adjust the printer in time.

d. Apply activator A

Activator A is used to protect the ink and successfully transfer the pattern to the item during the hydro-dipping process. In addition, after applying activator A, you must wait for it to dry before rolling it up, otherwise the ink will fall off and be damaged. This is very important, otherwise it will affect the result of flooding.

3. What factors should be considered when designing custom patterns?

a. Pattern color and transparency selection

When designing patterns, attention should be paid to color matching and the color of the surface of the object itself. Some designed patterns have high transparency, and the color of the object itself is still visible under the pattern. Therefore, the impact of transparency on pattern overlay will affect the final pattern display.

b. Pattern details

The pattern needs to be clear enough, especially if the pattern is complex, to prevent the effect from being poor after being soaked in water.

c. Design format and software

It is recommended to use professional design software and high-resolution files. Professional design software can ensure high-quality output of patterns; high-resolution files are suitable for water transfer printing requirements.

4. Conclusion

Water transfer printing is a very simple technology. It can not only achieve the pattern design you want but also turn items into works of art. I hope this article can help you understand how to make a custom hydro dip membrane. If you have any related questions, you can contact us at any time.

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