Essential Equipment Guide for Water Transfer Printing Success

Water transfer printing, or hydrographics, can apply complex patterns to three-dimensional surfaces. Whether you are a hobbyist or want to start a professional hydrographic business, having the right equipment is crucial to achieving excellent results.

1. Hydro Dipping Machine

Stainless steel hydro dipping tanks are the most commonly used and contain adjustable temperature controllers, industrial heaters, pumps, etc. When choosing a hydro dipping tank, consider size, materials, and features such as water circulation and heating capabilities. And make sure it’s large enough to accommodate the object you plan to immerse.

2. Hydrographic Activator

Hydrographic Activator is a key component in the water transfer printing process. It reacts with the watermark film, dissolving it and allowing the pattern to adhere to the object’s surface.

3. Hydrographic Film

TSAUTOP has countless patterns and designs, such as camouflage, wood grain print, animal print, etc. Used in many different applications such as helmets, mugs, furniture and more, you can choose patterns and designs that fit your project and personal style.

4. Spray Gun

A high-quality spray gun is essential for applying the activator solution to the water’s surface, activating the hydrographic film.