What Equipment Do I Need To Do Hydrographics

Hydrographics is a process that transfers patterns onto the surfaces of different materials, whether flat or curved, with the aim of decoration and beautification. Whether you are an amateur enthusiast or looking to establish a professional hydrographic business, having the appropriate equipment is crucial during the hydrographic process.

Next, let’s introduce the equipment needed for the hydrographic process.

1. Hydro Dipping Machine

Hydrographic tanks come in different types, including manual hydrographic tanks, semi-automatic hydrographic tanks, and fully automatic hydrographic tanks.

Manual Hydrographic Tanks:

Manual hydrographic tanks are cost-effective and suitable for small-scale hydrographic operations. However, they require manual operation, and the technical skills of the operator need to be relatively high.

Semi-Automatic Hydrographic Tanks:

Semi-automatic hydrographic tanks have some automation features. They incorporate a dipping arm into the technology of manual tanks, enabling the automatic immersion of multiple items at once, thereby enhancing work efficiency.

Fully Automatic Hydrographic Tanks:

Fully automatic hydrographic tanks come with a one-key start system, allowing for the continuous completion of the entire immersion process. This increases efficiency and saves manpower.

When selecting a hydrographic tank, considerations should include the tank size, ensuring it can accommodate sufficient water, and the objects intended for hydrographic immersion. Hydrographic tanks are generally made of stainless steel to ensure resistance to acid, alkali, salt, and corrosion, thereby extending the equipment’s lifespan. Additionally, they are equipped with swivel wheels for convenient mobility.

2. Water Transfer Printing Film

Water transfer printing films come in various patterns such as carbon fiber, camouflage, cartoons, wood grain, skulls, flames, and more. They can be applied to different materials and industries, ranging from automotive parts to home decor. You can choose the appropriate water transfer printing film to customize the surface of your items.

3. Hydrographic Activator

Hydrographic activator is a crucial component in the water transfer printing process. By spraying activator, the film separates from the pattern, allowing the pattern to adhere to the surface of the item. The formulation of activators may vary among different providers, impacting the transfer effect. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct tests before usage to ensure optimal results during subsequent operations.

4.Hydrographic Kit

Hydrographic kits are suitable for beginners, comprising hydrographic activator, plastic shapes for sampling, and a spray gun for hydrographic and primer coating.

Whether you are a novice or a professional, having reliable water transfer printing equipment is essential for the success of hydrographics. If you have any needs, feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with a range of equipment.

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