What Is Hydro Dipping Activator?


What is Hydro Dipping Activator?

Hydro dipping activator is an essential component in the hydro dipping process. It is a colorless, low-viscosity, transparent liquid capable of dissolving water-soluble PVA film. During the hydro dipping process, the water transfer film is placed on the water’s surface, and the activator is evenly sprayed onto the film. As the film softens, the pattern floats on the water’s surface. Subsequently, the item is slowly immersed in the water, allowing the pattern to adhere to the item.

Components of the Activator

The components of the activator vary among different manufacturers but typically include common elements such as xylene, isobutanol, butyl, and acetone.

Advantages of the Activator

Improves efficiency and success rate of transfer.

Enhances clarity and vividness of patterns.

Boosts adhesion of patterns to surfaces.

How to Use the Activator?

Begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface of the item, ensuring it is free from any stains.

Submerge the water transfer film in water at a temperature between 20-35 degrees Celsius for approximately 2 minutes. Evenly spray an appropriate amount of activator onto the film.

After the film dissolves, with the pattern floating on the water surface, slowly immerse the item into the water at a 45-degree angle to ensure complete coverage.

Common Issues when Using the Activator

Uneven Spraying: Insufficient or excessive activator spraying may result in uneven softening of the film, affecting adhesion between the pattern and the item.

Inappropriate Water Temperature: Incorrect water temperature can lead to rapid evaporation of the activator, resulting in reduced pattern adhesion.

Precautions When Using the Activator

Whether at home or in a factory setting, it is crucial to use the activator in a well-ventilated space. Additionally, it is recommended to wear gloves, safety glasses, etc., to prevent liquid splashing on the body during activator application.


Activator plays a vital role in the hydro dipping process, and selecting the right activator and using it correctly are key steps in achieving a perfect hydro dipping result.

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