What Are The Main Advantages Of Water Transfer Printing Equipment Technology?

First of all, the processing technology of water transfer printing equipment has two essential characteristics. One is that it is almost not limited by the shape of the product, incredibly complex or extra-large, ultra-long, and ultra-wide products can also be decorated. The other is a more environmentally friendly technology, and neither residue nor waste water will cause environmental pollution.

What are the main advantages of water transfer printing equipment technology?

1. Innovation:
The fully automatic water transfer equipment process can form seamlessly simulated natural or other required texture colors on products with concave and convex complex shapes. This is a new transfer printing process researched on complex shapes and dead angle problems that cannot be overcome by general traditional printing processes such as heat transfer printing, thermal transfer printing, silk screen printing, and surface coating. Its adhesion effect is not affected by the product material and can significantly improve the product’s added value.

2. Aesthetics:
You can transfer any natural textures, photos, and graphic files on the product so that the product has the scenery color you want.

3. Superiority:
Quick proofing, curved surface printing, personalized painting, and non-paper and cloth printing with small quantities and many patterns.

4. Efficiency:
The use of water transfer printing equipment does not require plate making, and the drawing can be produced directly and transferred immediately (the whole process can be completed in only 30 minutes, which is most suitable for proofing).

5. Personalization:
With water transfer printing equipment, you have the creative freedom to design any pattern, shape, or texture you desire.

6. Extensiveness:
Water transfer printing equipment is suitable for surface printing of hardware, plastic, leather, glass, ceramics, wood, and other products. Because of its aesthetics, versatility, and innovation, it has a value-added effect on processed products.

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