PVA Film Printing Tool: Inks and Printers

When printing on PVA film, choosing the right ink and printer is crucial to getting great results. PVA film printing has gained popularity in various industries, including watermarking and water transfer printing. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of PVA film printing and explore the best inks and printers to enhance your printing experience.

PVA Film Inkjet Ink:

There are two main types of ink used for PVA film printing: latex ink and pigment ink. Latex inks offer vibrant colors, relatively fast drying times, and high scratch resistance. Pigmented inks offer excellent color stability and long service life. Choosing the right ink depends on your specific printing requirements and preferences.

Blank Hydrographic Film Printers:

For best results when printing on PVA film, it is important to use a printer that is compatible with water transfer printing film. Some recommended printers for printing on PVA film include models from well-known brands like Epson, Canon, and HP. These printers offer high-resolution printing capabilities and are known for their reliability. When choosing a printer, consider print speed, resolution, and compatibility with various ink types.PVA Film Printing Tool: Inks and PrintersA3 Inkjet Printer For Blank Hydrographic Films:

Blank Hydrographic Film:

TSAUTOP blank hydrographic film is a popular choice in the industry. The film is compatible with inkjet printers and is designed for printing on PVA films. With excellent adhesion, TSAUTOP films ensure precise and long-lasting printing results. To achieve the desired effect, it is crucial to use a high-quality blank water transfer film.

blank hydrographics water transfer printing film

Available PVA Film Printing Inks:

For both laser and inkjet printers, there are several types of ink available for printing on PVA film. These include eco-solvent inks, sublimation inks, and UV-curable inks. Each ink type has its unique properties and benefits. Eco-solvent inks, for example, offer excellent color vibrancy and durability, making them popular in the watermark printing industry.

Printing Process of ECO Ink Blank Hydrographic Film:

For best results when using ECO Ink Blank Water Transfer Printing Film, follow these steps:
Prepare the PVA film substrate and make sure it is clean and dry.
Load the ECO ink blank water transfer printing film into the printer.
Adjust printer settings based on film and ink specifications.
Print your design onto the film, making sure to register and align.
Let the paint dry completely.
Soak the film in water to activate it.
The print is transferred to a PVA film substrate using hydro-immersion technology.
Rinse and dry the printed substrate for a perfect finish.


Choosing the right ink and printer is crucial to getting perfect results in PVA film printing. Consider ink type, printer compatibility, and quality of blank water transfer film to ensure vibrant colors, durability, and superior adhesion. By following the recommended options and techniques, you can enhance your printing experience and create stunning designs on PVA film.

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