DIY Hydro Dipping For Helmets

Water transfer printing is a very interesting and unique decorative process that can be used to apply images to a variety of items, such as helmets. Water transfer printing is very popular in personalization, and the operation process is relatively simple, making it very suitable for DIY. Just follow the steps and you will get a unique helmet that shows your style. Let’s take a look at the steps required to transfer a helmet.

1. Preparation work

You need to prepare some materials and tools in advance. For example: water transfer film with patterns, water transfer water tank, activator, helmet, protective equipment, etc.

2. Clean the helmet

The surface of the transferred helmet must be clean and free of stains and oil stains, otherwise it will affect the adhesion of the water transfer.

3. Apply primer

Apply a layer of primer evenly on the helmet surface and wait for it to dry. This step allows the water transfer film to better adhere to the helmet surface.

4. Water transfer printing steps

1. Slowly put the water transfer film into the water transfer tank, make sure the water temperature is 20-35 degrees, and soak for 2 minutes;

2. Spray activator evenly;

3. Slowly immerse the helmet in the water at a 45-degree angle. At this time, the water transfer film will cover the helmet;

4. Take the helmet out of the water, put it in a washing machine to remove residue, and dry it thoroughly;

5. Put the helmet into the spray paint cabinet and spray paint to make the helmet surface smooth.

5. Conclusion

Water transfer printing can easily add an interesting and personalized surface decoration to all items. Through the above steps, I believe you can also create a unique helmet and use your imagination to realize your ideas.

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