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How to Print Your Own Hydrographic Film By Yourself?

With the development of hydro dipping, people want their own custom hydrographic film, but make a plate to arrange production needs a big budget and the period needs 1-2 month time to wait, seems like this is one thing only for a big company with enough cash. What about small businesses, there are also so many demands for custom hydrographic film.

Thus TSAUTOP provides blank hydrogrpahic film and hydro dip printer for you to do your own design, whatever any quantity printing even only one pcs, you can do it. Now, I will introduce to you how to print your own design hydrogrpahic film by yourself with your inkjet printer or TSAUTOP hydro dip printer.

Step 1:Prepare the whole objects you need for custom hydrographic film printing.


Step 2: Connect your computer with your inkjet printer

If you make use of your own inkjet printer, you can follow the manual to connect your computer with your design.

If you are using the TSAUTOP hydro dip printer, try to connect with your computer according to manual or contact our sales, she will teach you to step by step to connect your computer and hydrographic printer, if not, you can ask a long-distance internet control until connect successfully.

Because the TSAUTOP after service is best, just leave your demands.

Step 3: Set your image at the right size on the computer

Set your image size according to the real size you want to print.

For example, you want to print 1m*1m, then you can set your image as 1m*1m size on the computer, if you want to print your repeated image on 1m*1m blank film, you also need to splice your image one by one until the size is 1m*1m.

Step 4: Test the printer, check the ink color is no problem

Before you print the design on the blank hydrographic film, you should print a normal paper first, to check the color whether is good, if not, you need to adjust your printer or change the ink.

Step 5: Print your design on the blank hydro dip film by hydro dip printer.

This is the main step to print your design on the blank film, and check the color is good, if any problem, you need to stop and check the printer again.

Step 6: Dry out the ink on the blank film

After printing, the ink is wet, you need to wait for natural dry out.

If you want to print a long length blank hydro dip film, I suggest you don’t roll the printed blank film directly when printing, you can put the printed film on the table to wait for drying out.

If you print the blank film by our 1.6m hydro dip printer, you can roll the printed blank hydrogrpahic film directly, there is a heating plate ahead of the moving printed blank hydrographic film, this heating plate will dry out the blank water transfer printing film when it moves to auto rolling, thus you don’t need to worry about during question.

Step 7: Apply activator A on the printed blank water transfer printing film

Activator A is used for protecting the ink, after applying activator A on the printed blank WTP film, which can be dipped on the object by the water transfer printing process like normal hydrographic film.

Step 8: Dry out the printed blank hydro dip film with activator A

This step is very important, you must dry out the activator A on the printed blank hydrogrpahic dipping film, then package the blank hydro dipping film.

If you roll the printed blank hydrogrpahic dip film before drying out, the design ink will be damaged and fall off, then this printed blank hydro dipping film is useless for hydro dipping.

Thus, I must remind you: this step is very important for the whole custom hydro dipping film printing, you must do it well for successful custom hydrogrpahic film.

Step 9: Rolling your printed blank hydrographic dipping film

This is the final step, you can package your custom hydrogrpahic film, and it is a normal hydro dipping film now, you can pick it up when you want to do hydro dipping for this design.

Or you can package them and call your customer to get his custom design hydrographic film now.

how to print your custom hydro dipping film

Above 9 steps are the whole guide for how to print your own custom hydrogrpahic film, hope can help you a lot. If you have any questions about hydro dipping, you can leave your question under my other blog: hydro dipping blog.

If you are looking for hydro dipping supplies, you are welcome to contact us for more details, TSAUTOP would like to serve you.

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