How Durable Is Hydro Dipping?


Understanding the Durability of Hydro Dipping

When you are ready to spend time and costs on a hydro dipping project, it is important to understand in advance the durability of items after hydro dipping. Generally, the durability of items after hydro dipping can reach 5 to 15 years, but it is crucial to note that many factors influence the duration of durability. For example, if an item is frequently used, its durability won’t match that of decorative items like ornaments. Additionally, the durability of items often exposed to harsh conditions such as exposure to the sun will also be affected.

Next, let’s delve into a detailed understanding of the durability of hydro dipping projects.

Factors Influencing Durability

1. Incorrect Technical Application

Before hydro dipping items, it is necessary to clean the items, and the surface of the object should not have oil stains, dirt, or other impurities. If there are stains on the items or hands, after hydro dipping, it will reduce adhesion between the film and the items, leading to a decrease in lifespan.

2. Different Surface Types

Some materials can undergo hydro dipping directly, while others require pre-treatment. For instance, surfaces of materials like metal and wood, which are not smooth, need to be polished and buffed beforehand. Direct hydro dipping without proper pre-treatment can impact the lifespan.

3. Coating Materials

After the completion of hydro dipping, the coating applied to the surface of the object is also crucial. High-quality coating materials can better protect the surface of the item, preventing fading, peeling, and wear.

4. Frequency of Use

If the item needs to be carried or moved frequently, its wear and tear are greater compared to items that are not used extensively (such as ornaments, and vases), resulting in a relatively shorter lifespan.

5. Post-Dipping Maintenance

Proper maintenance and cleaning are also methods to extend durability.

Testing Durability

Before officially starting the hydro dipping work, we can conduct a durability test to ensure there are no issues, and then proceed to ensure that the items can maintain a longer lifespan.

1.  Friction Test

In scenarios where items are commonly used, simulate friction conditions to mimic the usage of items and check for any wear and tear or peeling of patterns.

2. Chemical Test

By using some chemicals encountered during the usage process, test the stability of the object’s surface and check whether the surface patterns are damaged.

3. Environmental Test

Expose the items after hydro dipping to different temperature environments to test whether the surface of the object fades, peels, or experiences any other conditions.


Under normal circumstances, the lifespan of items after hydro dipping ranges from 5 to 15 years, making them highly durable. As long as the correct hydro dipping procedures are followed, you can ensure that your items will maintain a good condition for an extended period.

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