Advantages Of Water Transfer Film

An advancement in printing technology is water transfer film. Many products that are difficult to print directly will soon be available on the market thanks to the development of water transfer film, and this carrier can be used to print images and text first on a carrier that is simple to print using established printing technology. These transfers can be used to transfer graphics and text onto complex goods with a huge surface area or small items with a surface area.

The image and text are transferred from the water transfer film to the substrate using water in water transfer printing. It and the heat transfer process are identical aside from the fact that water pressure has an impact on the transfer pressure. It is a water transfer film technology that has recently grown in favor because it can perform small-area graphic information transfer on the surface of the substrate, which simplifies processes and lowers costs.

Making crafts and decorations with watermark transfer printing offers many advantages.

Water transfer film operation requirements

1. Before applying the water transfer film, check the product for cleanliness and make sure that all static electricity has been eliminated.

2. The transfer film sink’s water needs to be thoroughly cleaned. There shouldn’t be any lingering contaminants on the water’s surface, and there shouldn’t be any ink coating left over. Any imperfection on the ink side of the printing film will cause air bubbles to appear when printed.

3. When attaching the water transfer printing film to the water tank to cover it, be sure to distinguish the front and rear sides of the film appropriately.

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