Many people attempt to hydro dipping at home , but some problem always occurs . In this article , TSAUTOP will tell you why do you hydro dipping failure and give you relative solution at the following points .

1. Pattern with wrinkles

Pattern with wrinkles water transfer printing failure

If  your hydro dipping finished product  have been printed with your selected pattern , but there are wrinkles in the pattern . Because water transfer printing film don’t have enough dissolution time , you can solve this problem by delaying the dissolution time of hydro ink dipping film for better 3D water printing effect .

2.  The pattern is blurred

If there is a occasion which your water transfer printing products have blurred pattern , which express your hydro dipping paper  dissolution time is exceeded , please shorten dissolution time in the process of liquid ink hydrographics.

3. The pattern flows

The pattern will flow , if you spray activator B excessively during the process of water ink transfer printing , reducing the amount of activator sprayed can solve the problem .

4. The pattern is not printed completely

hydro dipping failure pattern do not print competely

There are several reasons about incompletely painting of speedshape or items : uneven activator spraying , high environment temperature or high water temperature ,  over fast evaporation of activator .

Spray activator evenly, lower the temperature of water , adjust a comfortable room temperature or prevent high wind coming into room to avoid activator evaporated .

If you have enough budget for your hydro dipping business, I suggest you realize TSAUTOP hydro dipping tank, which has automatic spray system and water recirculation system, can avoid this incomplete hydro printing problem perfectly.

5. Blisters on products’ surface

If you find there are blisters on finished products’ surface , then you activator does spraying  is not enough and product has a wrong angle to get into water to do water transfer ink printing . So please adjust activator does and change the direction and angle of product entering into water.

6. Poor adhesion of pattern after hydro dipping

Poor adhesion of pattern after hydro dipping

If your material have oil on the surface or primer is wet , finished product will occur poor adhesion of pattern after water transfer inkjet . So please make sure material is cleaned thoroughly , primer is dry as well pay attention to whether you have done well about point 2 , 3 , 4 as above .

7. Material is blistering or cracking after topcoat is applied

Material is blistering or cracking after topcoat is applied

If there are blisters and crack on material’s surface after topcoat is applied , which express that the material have low solubility and the drying time is too short after primer is applied . You should choose other topcoat solvent to replace old one or delay the drying time of primer for better liquid ink hydrographics effect .

8. Poor adhesion of topcoat

water transfer printing failure primer

If topcoat can not be bonded with material , maybe primer and topcoat do not match or topcoat does not match material . You should choose other paint to replace them .

9.  Topcoat painted yellow after drying

a. Drying time is too long and over high temperature also will cause this situation . If you lower the temperature and shorten the drying time setting on your drying tunnel mechine, but this situation do not have any improvement , please replace this yellow paint .

b. Thick and uneven topcoat painting at the corner of product , will also cause topcoat painted yellow after drying . If you want to solve this problem , it is OK to reduce the amount of topcoat spraying .

These solution can help you solve above problems in hydro ink transfer . I wish this article can help you make a perfect hydro dipping products with your love water transfer film . Otherwise , if you had met other problems in the process of water ink transfer printing , you can leave your questions and send email to COTACT US.