Semi Automatic Water Transfer Tank With Electric Dipping Arm

8/10ft Semi Automatic Hydro Dipping Tank With Dipping Arm

Item NO.TSHDT2400/TSHDT3000        L*W*H
Machine Size 240*120*85(cm)/300*120*85(cm)
 7.87*3.94*2.79(ft)/ 9.84*3.94*2.79(ft)
Dipping Area Size 200*100*70(cm)/ 260*100*70(cm)
Machine MaterialThickness =2.5mm+-0.2mm 201#Stainless Steel
Dipping Arm Material4*8 2mm thickness aluminum alloy
Dipping Arm SizeH200*80.holding frame 70*150
Dipping Arm Load-bearingElectric 200kg/pneumatic 80kg
Heating Elements2 Sets, 208-240V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, 6000W*2
Water Recirculation System 208-240V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, 750W



TSAUTOP®  7.87*3.94*2.79(ft) Semi-Automatic Water Transfer Tank With Electric Dipping Arm with CE certification is a simple, safe, useful, eco and efficient hydrographics machine, it can dip many items in one time.
5 Pcs Dividers fully stainless steel hydro dipping tank
It is key equipment for the whole hydro dipping process. It is very suitable for industrial dipping business owners. This Semi-Automatic Water Transfer Tank equipped With an Electric Dipping Arm on the basis of the original manual Hydrographic Tank.
3m hydro dipping tank
Our hydro dipping arm is suitable for dip multiple small parts one time or big items or heavy items.Hydro dipping armThe dipping arm has two types of electric and pneumatic, the electric dipping arm can bear 200kg by the speed motor or servo motor, and the pneumatic dipping arm can bear 80kg by a pneumatic cylinder. This hydro dipping Processing Arm provides consistent dipping speed and accuracy and can promote production efficiency and quality.production armThis hydro dipping arm is made of High-strength aluminum alloy and easy to assemble and install with the tank. This Dipping Arm features a Multi-Axis fixture which gives you the flexibility to modify entry points and ensures a consistent dipping angle for the duration of the entire project. The height, length, and width of the holder frame can be adjusted according to different products, so it can suitable for all sizes tanks.processing armTSAUTOP®  Water Transfer Tank With Dipping Arm has a superb welding process and a humanized structural design. All welded parts are welded with 304 stainless steel welding wire. All the welding marks are polished to ensure no leaks. So, it can guarantee no water leakage for 5 years.Good welding for hydro dipping tankTSAUTOP®  Water Transfer Tank With Dipping Arm is equipped with 4pcs divider and partition plate and one beam, can wipe the film slag and divide the dipping area into few small areas, ensure the film not to expand too much.Dividers for hydro dipping tankTSAUTOP®   Water Transfer Tank With Dipping Arm is designed as two parts dipping tank, filter, and heating tank. It ensures enough dipping area and fast heating. TSAUTOP®  Water Transfer Tank With Dipping Arm has good quality and high-power heating element. 2.4m tank has a 2set 6kw heating element. This can ensure fast-heating in 30minutes.Heater for hydro dipping tankTSAUTOP®  Water Transfer Tank With Dipping Arm is made of 2.5mm thick 201 stainless steel, framed of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel square pipe and equipped 10pcs universal wheels and thick feet. All of these ensure that the Water Transfer Tank can hold enough water without deformation. Thick stainless steel can ensure to resist acid, alkali, salt and corrosion. All of these ensure TSAUTOP® hydrographic tank long life.hydro dipping tank universal wheel and footThere have 2 piece thermostats on the control box and 2piece temperature sensors, the temperature of the dipping tank and heating tank can be set and monitored real-time. When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, the heating element will stop to heat water, this will save your power.HYDRO DIPPING TANK TEMPERATURE SENSORIn the normal, the temperature will set 25-35℃. Certainly, you can turn on all or one or nothing according to your local temperature. TSAUTOP®  Water Transfer Tank With Dipping Arm is equipped low-noise, strong-flow, and long-life stainless-steel water pump, ensure flush the film slag. 750W pump for the 2.4m tank.water pump for hydro dipping tankWe can make the tanks with various voltages as your requirements, such as single phase 110v,220v,3phases 220v,380v or the other special voltages. 1.2M HYDRO DIPPING TANK wiringThe electric box and wires of  TSAUTOP®  Water Transfer Tank With Dipping Arm are equipped safely. All working units are equipped of circuit breaker protection switches and emergency stop switch, ensure the safety of human and machines in the emergency.1.2M HYDRO DIPPING TANK CONTROL BOXAll wires are concealed and packed of protective pipe to prevent electrical leakage. All tanks have equipped earth wire to avoid electric shock.CABLES OF HYDRO DIPPING TANKThere have some high-pressure spray nozzles at the end of water outer ensure the water flushed farther.Hydro dipping tank with nozzlesTSAUTOP®  Water Transfer Tank With Dipping Arm is easy to install and operate. The electrical wire connecting is simple. Each wire sticks a number, you connect the wire as the number. All Tanks are packed with a Fumigation-free wooden box for avoiding damage during transportation.Fumigation-free wooden boxWe supply a detail manual book. We have different dimensions hydrographic tank, you can choose the suitable one according to your working items.  

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