DX-1600 1.6M Hydrographic Film Printer

DX-1600 1.6M Hydrographic Film Printer

ModeDX-1600 Hydro Dip Printer
Print headEpson DX5 print-head
Maximum Print1520mm
InkWater-Based Pigment Ink for blank hydrographic film
Function Auto rolling system, auto printing system, auto drying ink system
Ink Capacity1000ml/4 Colors: 1000ml each
Media Width1600mm


TSAUTOP DX-1600 hydro dip printer is a development based on XP-1600 hydrographic printer, DX-1600 hydro dip printer makes use of the Epson DX5 print-head, and some other small adjustment on function, can print the more clear design on the blank film.

Tsautop is hydro dip products supplier, mainly manufacture and supply water transfer printing film, blank film and water transfer printing dipping tank for wholesale price.

 Blank hydrographic film is a kind of custom hydrographic film, mainly use of our custom printing their own design, transferring on the items via water-ink transfer printing process.

blank hydro dipping film and water transfer printing film printer

All the time, Tsautop always provide custom blank film printing service for our customer, so they can print their own pattern design on the paper,  transfer their pattern on items via supplying activator A and doing water transfer printing. That custom print service help many small dipping business stores has their own pattern feature,  increase their competitiveness compared with another hydro print store.

As the long-developing time goes by, Tsautop has launched a new blank film print way to simplify the traditional complicated water transfer printing process of custom hydro ink blank film.

In the past, the process of custom blank film hydrographic print is these step as below:

  1. Please prepare a high-quality pattern design image, good transfer print effect depends on the high-quality image you provide.
  2. Choose several relative color ink for your printer according to your image.
  3. Check out whether an inkjet printer can work normally, then connect this hydrographic film printer with your computer, find out the printed image on the computer.
  4. Print your own hydrographic film.
  5. Spray activator A on water transfer printing paper, let printed paper can be supplied on hydro dipping.
  6. Supply activator A on blank, so that this printed paper become a real wtp film.
  7. This blank film has become a water transfer printing film , you can transfer this DIY water transfer printing film on your item via the hydro dipping process.

These are all steps of custom hydro dip patterns, Tsautop thinks that maybe our customers want an easier way to print their DIY custom hydro dip patterns, so we launch a new ink for the hydro dipping printer.  If you use Tsautop printing ink for printing blank paper, your printing steps will be simplified as below:

  1. High-resolution pattern picture.
  2. Select all colors in your picture, and prepare printing ink for all of these colors.
  3. Combine pva film printer with a laptop, open the picture on the computer.
  4. Begin to print hydro film patterns on blank film.
  5. Take use of this custom water transfer printing paper to do hydro dipping.

We will find out latest print ink is a combination of normal printing ink and activator A, make our customized water transfer blank film easier than before. In addition,  compared with conventional blank film printing, the latest ink makes printed transfer paper clearer, supports colorful complex image design.

1. What is Water Transfer Printing ?

Water Transfer Printing (also known as hydrographic, immersion printing, camo dipping, hydro imaging and cubic printing) is a surface decorating process where elaborate graphics like wood grain, carbon fiber, camouflage, geometrical designs, etc… are applied to a 3-D product surface. Water Transfer Printing process is extensively used to decorate items that range from entire all-terrain vehicles and car dashboards to small items like bike helmets or other automotive trim. Films can be applied to all types of substrates including plastic, fiberglass, wood, ceramic, and metal.

2. Is Water Transfer Printing durable?

We like to let our product speak for itself. Some of world largest clients are automobile, Camera, electronic manufacturers who demand highest standards of quality and durability. Many parts we manufacture spend the majority of their lives in direct exposure. The clear coat we use is automotive grade, designed to withstand nature and time.

3. Do I have to spray a decorated part with top coating ?

Top coating is an important part of the paint process. It assures optimal results for scratching firmness and longevity.

4. How do I apply final top coating?

Use a high quality clear coat for the final finish. Whether its flat, matt or gloss the final coat should be durable enough to protect the part. Once the clear coat has dried you need to inspect it for defects. Most minor defects like orange peel look, or debris in the finish can be wet sanded and polished out at this stage. There are a few exceptions to this.

5. How difficult is it to learn the process?

24-hours of training is conducted and historically it takes an additional period of two to three weeks to fine-tune the production line.

6. What are all the components needed to successfully produce a decorated item?

The essential components are: (1). The ink film with selected design/pattern. (2). Patented activator (3). A hand sanding device (4). A spray gun and air compressor (5). Primer, the selected base coat paint, and clear coat (6). The specifically designed water transfer printing system (7). A device or fixture to hold the item while it is being dipped (8). A constant water supply, drainage system, and an aerated room

7. What is the equipment require for immersion printing film ?

It require tanks (manual / automatic ) , washing station , oven, spray booth to finish the process of Water Transfer Printing .

8. Do I need a washing station for Hydro Dipping?

Yes, after transfer with PVA film on the decorated part, it needs Washing machines to clear over the subject.

9. Do I need an oven to dry decorated parts?

Yes, it better dry by the oven, it is because dust will cover the subject while it dry by nature, the oven temperature should be around 50-70 degrees for the plastic material.

10. What size of spray gun do you recommend for Hydrographic?

We recommend 0.8~1.3Ømm , not over 1.3Ømm , for activator it require high quality Precisely spray gun to work with it.

11. Should I set up the water tank to soak the decorated parts?

We recommend adding more water tanks to soak the decorated part for ink to more stable on the decorated part.

12. What type of material doesn’t require a base coat process?

Normally ABS doesn’t require any base coat, but to match the design, it has to paint the base color to match the art.

13. Can items be reprinted if transfer not correctly?

Yes , when you did the Immersion Printing, it comes with a defect spot or the result unacceptable, it can remove by the activator or the chemicals, but the fast way is to repaint the base coat to cover it.

14. How many film patterns do you have?

We have Marble, Wood, Camouflage, Animal, Waterdrop, Flower, Flag , Cartoon, Carbon fiber, Flame, Cloud, Geometric, Skull and other design film patterns for your choice.

15. If I do water transfer printing, what is your film width available?

We produce hydrographic film with width 50cm /60cm/ 80cm/ 100cm/ 130cm.
Our standard film width is 100cm, max width 130cm.

16. Can you offer me an activator except for films ?

Yes, but shipping and importing activator is very difficult, because it is dangerous, explosive,flammable chemical liquid. However, we prefer offering your activator formula, you can make activator by yourself in your country.

17. Can you customize my film design?

Yes, you can send us AI/PDF design, original film sample, or work piece that has been printed.

18. Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

We are a 20-year WTP experience manufacturer in China.

19. Can I buy all water transfer printing material from you?

Yes, We can produce and offer films, activator, base primer, clear coat, other chemicals, WTP machine, a hydro dipping process, technology, and training.

20. How can I select your film patterns?

You can select film picture models from our dropbox,
or we send you film booklet ( N.W 15KG, 13x18cm each pattern, more than 10000 patterns).

21. How long does your film lifetime last and keep on product surface?

Outdoor for more than 8 years, indoor more than 20years.

22. Do you have any famous customers in the world?

Yes, we have lots of customers all over the world such as Europe, Middle-east, Asia, North America and South America, Africa, include Building materials company, cosmetic company, Electrical company, Toy company, Auto company, crafts company, Household goods company etc.

23. Can I send you dipping products, you help me finish water transfer printing?

Yes,Our company have 2 water transfer printing production lines in Zhejiang Province and can transfer various articles .let your China supplier send dipping products to our factory, we finish all processing.

24. What are your payment terms?

T/T, Western Union, Cash, Alipay, Paypal. B/L

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