Laser Water Transfer Printing Film

Laser Water Transfer Printing Film

Laser water transfer printing film is a new Type Holographic Hydro dipping film, it has a strong laser effect. It can be used for transferring

 all-terrain vehicles and car dashboards to small items, like bike helmets or other automotive trim, Car and airline Interiors, X-box, Guns, Cups, Car Parts,

Mouse, Motorcycle, Shoes, Cosmetic packaging, outdoor items, crafts, building materials. It will add value to your products.

And TSAUTOP has successfully launched an activator-free Laser water transfer printing film, it operates simply.










  • How Tsautop hydro dipping film boom your bussiness

    20,000+ Patterns
    30+ New Patterns / Month
    Fast Sample
    Development Offer 7-10 Days
    10+ Years
    Manufacturing Experience
    Large Stock
    Fast Delivery

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