Film Rerolling Machine

Rolling machine with cutting for hydro dipping film, is a hydrographic film rerolling machine, can be used to roll the hydrographic film by meters. Set the meters, then roll the WTP film from one big tube to another tube by certain meters.

hydrographic Film Rerolling Machine
Control Panel Meter rolls set, auto-stop, and manual control
Machine Size167.5 * 60 * 30(cm) / 5.51 * 1.97 * 0.98(ft)
Working Area Size130 * 60 * 30(cm) / 4.27 * 1.97 * 0.98(ft)
Machine MaterialThickness =12mm+-0.2mm Aluminum Alloy
Speed Motorsingle phase 220v,150w
Rolling Speed30m/minute



WTP film rerolling machine can rotate the hydrographic film and blank hydro dip film. Whether you are work for small, middle, big hydro dipping business, you are always worth getting one for a more convenient hydro dipping working.

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Why Tusatop

We have professional Manufacturing factory for building hydro dipping equipments

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Printed by 8 colors  gravure printing machinery, High definition pattern.

hydrographic Film Rerolling Machine