10.0×4.0×3.3ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank

Inkjet Printer With 6 Color inks For Blank Hydrographic film

Itemshydrographic Blank Film Printer
Item Diameter12 cm
Printing methodinkjet print with pigment-based ink
Max printing width42cm
ink cartridge quantitysix
ink cartridge colorblack,red,yellow,pinkish-red,cyan,light cyan
Package Size50cm x 35cm x 40cm
Environment Temperature20-35℃

wholesale price water transfer printing equipment

TSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank with CE certification is a simple, safe, useful, eco and efficient hydrographic printing equipment.

TSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank is a key hydrographics machine for the whole aqua print process. TSAUTOP®  10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank is very suitable for big dipping business owners, it can dip most big size parts, such as hydro dipping rims, hydro dipping wheels, hydro dipped motorcycle, hydro dipping dashboard, bow dipping, dip coating guns.

TSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank has a superb welding process and a humanized structural design.

All welded parts are welded with 304 stainless steel welding wire. All the welding marks are polished to ensure no leaks.

So, it has a guarantee of no water leakage for 5 years.

Good welding for hydro dipping tankTSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank is equipped with 4pcs wipers or dividers and partition plate and one beam, can wipe the film slag and divide the dipping area into few small areas, ensure the film not to expand too much.

Dividers for hydro dipping tankTSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank is designed as two parts, dipping tank, filter, and heating tank. It ensures enough dipping area and fast heating.

Hydro Dipping TankTSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank has good quality and high-power heating element.10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank has 2sets 6kw heating elements. Total power is 12000watt. This can ensure fast-heating in 30minutes.

Heater for hydro dipping tankTSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank is made of 2.5mm thick 201 stainless steel, framed of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel square pipe and equipped 12pcs universal wheels and thick level legs.

hydrographic dipping tank

All of these ensure that the 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank can hold enough water without deformation. Thick stainless steel can ensure to resist acid, alkali, salt and corrosion.

All of these ensure TSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank long life.

Hydro dipping tank

There has 2 pcs thermostats on the control box and 2pcs temperature sensors.

The temperature of the dipping tank and heating tank can be set and monitored real-time.


When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, the heating element will stop to heat water, this will save your power.

In the normal, the temperature will set 25-35℃. Certainly, you can turn on all or one or nothing according to your local temperature.

TSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank is equipped low-noise, strong-flow, and long-life stainless-steel water pump, ensure flush the film slag. 750w pump equips for 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank.

We can make the tanks with various voltages as your requirements, such as single phase 110v,220v,3phases 220v,380v or the other special voltages.

water pump for hydro dipping tank

The electrical wire connecting is simple. Each wire sticks a number, you connect the wire as the number.

CABLES OF HYDRO DIPPING TANKThe electric box and wires of TSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank are equipped safely.

Every working unit is equipped with circuit breaker protection switches and emergency stop switch, ensure the safety of human and machines in the emergency.

All wires are concealed and packed of protective pipe to prevent electrical leakage. Every hydro dipping tank has equipped with earth wire to avoid electric shock.


There have some high-pressure spray nozzles at the end of water outer ensure the water flushed farther.

Hydro dipping tank with nozzles

TSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank is easy to install and operate. We supply a detail manual book.

We have a different dimensions Hydrographic Dipping Tank, you can choose the suitable one according to your working items.



Universal Wheel for hydro dipping tank

Attention please:

Please read the below at first after receiving the wooden box:

1. When you open the wooden case with TSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank, please use the Rolling Wheel to move; if you want to move the hydro dipping tank with one forklift, please mind that DON’T let the forklift arm HIT/TOUCH the OUTLET TUBE (welded metal type) under the hydro dipping tank; it will Probably lead the tube bent and can’t fit the pipe tightly;   Bottom of Hydro dipping tank2. When you install the PVC pipe, strongly suggest use Teflon Tape to increase the leakproof; refer to the below photo.

Teflon Tape

3. When you are wiring, please ask help from one PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICIAN, to be on the safe side. Wrong wiring can lead to danger and pump/electric parts damage;

Glass cement4.NEVER let the pump run in the air WITHOUT water; That will easily lead to pump damage; Fill enough water according to the instruction in this manual before launching the pump;

5. Before fill water to the hydro dipping tank, for the first usage, it’s better to use some Glass cement (Very common paste to water-proof) to the welding seam


TSAUTOP® 10*4ft Hydrographic Dipping Tank is one of our equipment which is used for hydro dipping equipment, this equipment has an automatic constant temperature, timer switch, flush film, water cycle, automatic filter film dust features….

Heating function, setting different temperature according to the different water transfer printing film, and with the automatic constant temperature controller.

Timer Switch, setting different dipping time according to the different hydrographic dipping film, the buzzer will alarm till the settled time, indicating procedure of spraying activator.

Flushing film function, starting flush film after hydro dipping completed, instantly remove the remaining hydro dipping film dust, preparing for next putting hydro dipping film.

Water circle and filtering, over film dust, will be filtered and circle till the surface of the hydro dipping tank for maximum saving the water.

Control Box Commentary


  • Power Light:Power indicating lights
  • Power Switch::Turn left ,Power Light(Yellow)OFF,POWER OFF,Turn Right,Power Light(Yellow)On,Power activating
  • Timer Light:Time indicating lights
  • Timer Switch :Turn left,Timer Light(Green)OFF,Timer switcher off power,Turn right timer switch,Timer Light(Green) on,timer switcher activating。Timer switch upper panel indicating current time,lower panel indicating current settled time,after reaching resettled time,,Buzzer alarming,any changes on setting,press decreasing an increasing key for decreasing or increasing the time.
  • Heater 1# and 2# Light:6KW and 12kw Heating indicating lights
  • Digital Timer:Time controller
  • Heater 1# &2# Switch:Turn left,6KW Heating Light(Yellow)OFF,Turn Right,6KW Heating Light(Green) If turn on two switches, the two heaters are working, the total power is 12kw.
  • Heating switch upper panel indicating current water temperature,lower panel indicate presetting water temperature,any changes to water temperature,press left key 5seconds, the down digital will flash and press up or down for adjusting the water temperature setting
  • Buzzer:TIMER ALARM
  • E-STOP:Emergency Switch, Emergency Switch all functions.


Parameter (the following data is the default configuration)

Input Voltage:single phase 220V/3 phases 220v/380v

Power Consumption:12.75kw, the heater power 6kw each, water pump power 0.75kw

Working Temperature:25-30℃



1.Power inlet wiring for SINGLE phases, 220VAC :

We already finish most wiring before shipment according to your special voltage requirement; Please don’t change them.

Connect the wires according to the NUMBER in the wires and switch, such as wire 1 to Number 1 place. Refer to the below photo:


Detail: Please attention to the wire with “+” & the wire with “-“ to the right place. Otherwise, the temperature can’t be shown properly in “Digital Thermostat” meter.

2.Power inlet wiring for 3 phases, 220V AC AND 3 phases, 380-415V AC :

1) We already finish most wiring before shipment according to your special voltage requirement; Please don’t change them.

2) Connect the wires according to the NUMBER in the wires from a proper sequence 01,02,03,1, 2,……10; From left the first place to the right in sequences; Refer to the below photo:

Hydro dipping tank electricity Wiring diagram

Please attention: The input cable is provided by the user. Must connect 3 live wires to the left 3 holes and null wire to “N” hole as in the below photo.

Check everything OK according to the operation manual and then connect 5 INPUT POWER SUPPLY wires well as the arrow point at in the below photo:

Power inlet wiring

Power inlet wiring

Important reminder:

You will fill enough water into the tank before you start the hydro dipping machine.

 The water level is level with the height of the partition.

water level line of hydro dipping tanke

If you start the hydro dipping machine, the water pump doesn’t work or reverse (small water flow),please stop the machine at once,you can change any 2 live wires sequence(U V W) to solve this problem.

Hydro dipping tank wiring diagram

U V W:   Inlet 3phase living wiresB1: Big water tank K Mode Heating Couple
U1 V1 W1:Water Circle Tank Heating 3phase WiringB2: Small Dipping tank K mode Heating Couple
U2 V2 W2:Water Circle Tank Heating 3phase Wiring 
U3 V3 W3:Water Pump 3phase wiring 

Water pump motor Connection for 3phases 220v:

Water pump motor Connection for 3phases 220v           Water pump motor Connection for 3phases 380v:

Water pump motor Connection for 3phases 380v

Chapter 3.  Setting and Using

1、Settings Temperature Controller


A:Current temperature indicatingB:Presetting temperature indicating

C:presetting temperature adjustment

Press←for setting

Press↑for increasing

Press↓For decreasing

Repress←For saving setting

Time Switch

digital timer

A:Counted time indicatingB:Presetting Time indicating

Adjusting time according to hundred bits, ten bits, digital bits

Press﹢For increasing

Press﹣For decreasing



(1) Machine Checking before the start.

A、TURN OFF outlet water pipes of working water tank and circle water tank

1) Inpour clear water to the working water tank till the Central position of water jet Nozzle :

hydro dipping tank nozzle

2) remove the Net Metal cover, Inpour clear water to the circle water tank till to a little lower than the surface of the metal cover. Then put back the cover.


A.Should fill enough water to avoid the water transfer pump exposed to the air. If the pump works in the air, the pump will EASILY be damaged.


B、Open Power Box, Turn on air-break switch,Power indicating lights on (red);

C、Turn right and power on power,Power indicating lights on(green)

D、Turn right and power on heating switch for working water tank and circle water tank, presetting water temperature.

E、Turn right and power on water pump,checking water pump working conditions;

F、Turn left and power off water pump, Turn right and power on timer switch,Turn right and power on timer switcher,adjusting time,reaching adjusted time for checking buzzer working conditions.

G、Press E-Stop,checking all indicating lights、temperature controller and timer switch power off or not;

H、Machine testing completed, Clockwise turning E-stop, Power on the machine.

(2). Hydro dipping process

A、Power on the machine, setting proper water temperature for working water tank and circle water tank;

B、Reaching settled water temperature for the working tank and circle tank, turn on the water pump, and blow remaining dust of working tank till automatic filtering area. Power water pump, still working water tank water no water wave, fitting water transfer film, and power timer switch.

C、Buzzer alarming, spraying activator on water transfer film smoothly, waiting till water transfer film melt and start water transfer printing procedure, switch off timer switcher after transfer completed.

D、Power on the water pump, blowing remaining dust film till filtering area, and start next water transfer printing job.

Chapter 4. Common Problems and Solutions

Without Power

1.Checking E-Stop Switch On/OFF status2.Checking the inlet wiring voltage

3.Checking air-break switch at On status

4.Checking Power input switch

The heater does not work,but indicate temperature1.Checking Heating Wiring status2.Checking Heating pipe damage or not
The heater does not work, no indicating temperature

1.Checking Heating switch at On status2.Checking Temperature controller Wiring

3.Checking Temperature Controller damage or not

Heater continuous working after temperature reaching the presetting temperature

1.  Check  K mode Heating Couple Wiring2.  Check if K Mode Heating Couple Damage

3.  Check Temperature Controller damage or not

Timer Switch does work1.Checking Timer Switch wiring2.Checking Timer Switch damage or not
Timer Switch does work, Buzzer does alarm1.Checking Buzzer wiring2.Checking Buzzer damage or not
Water pump does not work,indicating lights on1.Checking water pump wiring2.Checking water pump damage or stuck
Machine working well, indicating lights offReplacing indicating lights

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